The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


BBC saying no attempt made to target MI6 at Vauxhall .


Daily Mail U.K.‏Verified account @DailyMailUK 11m11 minutes ago
Jihadi terrorists shouting ‘this is for Allah’ have reportedly killed seven people in London



Me and the Mrs go to Borough Market quite often…fucking scary stuff :anguished:


It’ll be interesting to see whether this causes the election to be postponed or if it affects public opinion either way. I’d expect UKIP to try & make hay given how poorly their campaign has gone.





There’s some poor taste in here today… imo.




Twelve arrested already, I would not be surprised if they were all already known to the police.


I often worked together with Malik during my time in A&E at The London.
I have a huge amount of respect for him, and all staff involved in Trauma and Emergency Care.
It’s a great hospital in spite of pressure and resource shortages.
I know casualties will be receiving first class care there.



Was digging around in the drawer in my bedside table earlier and found an old watch I’d forgotten about. It’s a Swiss made mechanical Hamilton W10, MoD issued in 1973.

I got this when I was in the Air Cadets when I was about 14 (not in 1973!), I was issued with it when we went on Annual Camp. I suspect I was supposed to hand it back in at the end of the fortnight, but I obviously “forgot” and nobody asked for it, soooo…

Think it’s on the original Nato strap too.


Don’t worry, you should get away with it. Just as long as no-one who has any current connection with the RAF finds out and shops you …




And she can be a little snitch too…


You’re done for.



I’ve just been looking around t’internet for them and seen how much they go for… :flushed:

I wouldn’t be surprised if the RAF came looking for it :innocent:


I hesitated to say as much, but anything​ military issued is always worth money.

Shame it’s not a a Rolex 5517 :wink:



Just got home. Inebriated. Going out tomorrow as well. Oh dear.