The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Was that all on cruise control?


we visited the London transport museum the other week, which has some nice stuff on display…

I noticed they did some “Hidden London Events”

and there are open days at the depot in Acton


Yes when on fast roads. Beyond that marginal gains come from slowing down early using the cars momentum rather than braking, amazing how many red lights turn green without having to stop once you know the light’s sequence and think about it. (which is easy on my commute).


the other day we got 256 miles from about 74l of petrol !


As a weekend / occasional use toy that is acceptable. Would be financially disastrous for my commute.


They do. Only without the tarting up bit. £80 quid for a couple of hours depending on location.

Oh, and if you’re prepared to spunk up the money, you get to wear out your own shoe leather and get filthy. At least I get paid to go down there.


how much would it cost to have you as a tour guide?


Years of therapy after the event as a minimum…


… and is it like the winery tours where you get a free tipple or two at the end (and no, I don’t mean TfL tea) ?



I’ve just bought one of these so I can see behind the units. Only £2.99. It might have saved me ages working out why the conservatory system wouldn’t work from the main system. Turned out I’d plugged a cable in to the wrong socket. Nothing comes out of an input socket it would seem.


that’s cheaper than I paid for a haemorrhoid viewer at Maplins.


The last place I want to be in my own time is the Underground. Cost prohibitive.



Don’t you get free travel ont tube bruv?


I do. But first I have to drive 35 miles to the nearest station.

The cost to get me to do escorted tours is the prohitive bit :grin:


Can you “borrow” a circle line train for a bake off?


“Property is theft !”.

If the people need a circle line train for a bakeoff then the people should seize a circle line train for a bakeoff !



I’ll look into it :grin:


Hmm, the reading material at the garage where I’m getting the car serviced consists of the Daily Mail and What hi-fi…

Which of the Daily Mails would that be?



cognitive dissonance is the new black.