The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Madhouse job watch: month 5.

First contractor resignation today.

Gallows humour abounds.

Month 4 was notable for a giant “WTF?” when a league table of developer productivity was put on the screen, and individuals were made to stand up and explain to the rest of the class why they hadn’t closed many work items in the last fortnight.

(software folk can substitute the words “story” and “sprint” into that sentence)


Many years ago, while Mrs VB was in software development at a major telecoms provider, she was allocated to a small team working on some hot project or other. The project manager was quite an effective guy actually. But some of his methods were more sound than others. He started one morning by announcing that he’d invested in a whiteboard on which team members could note, with no delay, any ‘issues’ which had arisen. This would bring them immediately (it was an open-plan office) to the rest of the team’s attention. There followed a fairly stony silence. By lunchtime one of them had got up, walked to the board and written in large letters “It’s All Arse” on it. I don’t think anything else was ever written there, despite the board surviving the whole duration of the project. Unwiped.



And another one this morning.

The stink of death is all over this project.


The market is quite good, annoying valuable resource is stupid.


Does anyone know where the Red Arrows were today ? Their schedule just says ‘military event’

Anyway, they came over here about 10 minutes ago and they were NOT very far off the ground. Every dog took to barking its head off and every bird was suddenly in the air. There’s something very pleasing about fast jets close-in :smiley: !

For what it’s worth they were heading somewhat north of west.



Benson Family Day.


Cheers Terry. Might’ve guessed.




I would only hope, that the fitted cart is a Denon DL 103, tracking at 2 KG VTF.

Nice crust on the lead-in track


Dull question on Facebook today:

What is a good cartridge for Technics SL1200 MK2?

Best answer to this dull question on Facebook:

12 Bore Shotgun

An oldie but a goodie. :smirk:


This bloke belongs here because of his liberal use of the c word.

Watch part 2 as well


I think most of us have already seen it, but yes, it is great.



That’s certainly stimulated my Shatner’s Bassoon.

Jessop Jessop Jessop.


And another one.

Ay-yup. Not looking good.


More good stuff from the Scarfolk blog, this time obviously influenced by Olga @crimsondonkey’s ‘Population Sample’ from last week…Good work Wayne!


I just can’t wait till term time resumes to keep you occupied :slightly_smiling_face:


I am a research Prof. Term has little meaning to me. Are you suggesting that I am involved with…undergraduates???



God no, I expect they should get some actual content and knowledge transfer for their tuition fees. No, no you’re definitely back office material.