The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Fuck :flushed:


I think I’d rather believe the government than the self serving, woe is me, poor ( ? Hmm), beleaguered, ivory tower encrusted academics :smiley:


Yup. Could be an upgrade to the other thread by the morning :disappointed_relieved:


You are entitled to your opinion, even if it is wrong.


no but they were in poor condition. We need to recruit a certain number of students per year and one way to do this is by having nice accommodation and facilities


and it is very wrong…


The sustain, listen to it.


My 4 year old daughter called me “bumfarter” as an insult. Proud dad.


I listened to some music.


A target for ATOC


:unamused: I do the farts, you should stick to cat grinding…


'fess up, which one of you prog loving eejiots has been to Cuba recently?


I recently bought some more cigars if that counts :thinking:


That’s close enough, I’ll pass the CIA your name and avoid another war.


No worries :+1:



It’d be interesting to know what has been going on there. ELF would require rather large & noticeable speakers.

High amplitude HF? possibly but it’d would drive animals & children crazy.

I wonder if they can do something with electro magnetic waves that would have this effect?


Maybe they’ve just installed Focal drivers in the lifts?


The real question is why would they? Tthere is more to this than meets the eye I suspect, so called sonic weapons may well just be a red herring.


Yes motive at the moment seems missing.

I wonder if someone has found a way of inflicting Menieres on people.