The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


I’m thinking that they’ve probably been added to draw the eye away from the hideous rear end.


Casserole dishes?




Forum of miserable old gits in hating modern design shocker. Who’d have thunk it.

We are probably not the target market. Think Q7 driver wanting to be a different flavour of cunt, and couldn’t afford a proper Range Rover. The drivers should be pittied, not laughed at.


Hozelock bling edition.

However, as sales of said car go directly towards MrsKettle’s salary and hence my music and gadget funds, I should point out how magnificent a car it is and how you should all buy three.


No, laugh at them for their stupid life choices.


Just had the new Virgin hub installed. Wow.



That’s a lot of goat porn. :goat:


nah, I’m on Santa porn now :wink:


I do hope that is a thing :grinning:


:scream: :santa: :scream:


What is it? And why have I not got the BTJ model?




Used to fucking hate those knobs on the train when I was trying to sleep on the way to work, if you can’t do your job during working hours you must be shit so fuck off and work in mcdonalds you big timing cunt.


If you want to attract attention to yourself on the trains around here you do that by not working, leaving people guessing whether you’re so very important that all you do is tell other people to work or whether you’re simply unemployed. The poor bloody wage slaves all have their noses in their laptops because they have to earn enough to pay for the season ticket.




The improbable genius of Viz, yet again…


Oz, when the Prog bus leaves without him…


Damn straight :ok_hand: