This is nerd paradise


Today I have mainly been

Pick by light, new warehouses use it as it’s faster (warehouse nerd alert).


[QUOTE] his vast vinyl collection.[/QUOTE]

Vast? I reckon that’s about 600 albums. That’s not “vast” that’s “a start”.:neutral_face:



That gap between the Expedit units is making my OCD itch…


Theres books in there as well a no no for me


And they’re leaning over way too much, just asking to warp…


I reckon there are laser disks in there too


The 600 records I took to Scalford two years ago were part of what was on the floor of one room of the flat a bloke owned to store the records he couldn’t fit in his house. This is amateur in comparison.


Thought i was doing well taking 25 LPs to Scalford.


Lightweight! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


600, Vacdac’s postman carries more than that in his bag :smile: