Today I have mainly been




Mind you it’s very pleasant…:sunglasses:


Enjoying Father’s Day. In among the traditional new clothes was this:

and this:



Just got back from a 6 mile round hike to Llangrannog beach with my sister and our dogs.
Even at this time of the morning it was baking hot.
Dogs loved it though - took some photo’s but can’t upload them from camera till I get home.

Mum is now cooking the full English to help us recover.:grinning:


6am - 9am a lovely 101/2 mile walk - Now waiting for the kids to get up.
Then a family picnic this afternoon at Cotswold Wildlife Park.


I just counting the minutes until I leave for work and it’s not even that warm - bastids :pensive:


Got up for a swim at 8am followed by many eggs :fried_egg:


Just packing for a day on burgh island , pictures to follow


Nice. Have stayed there a few times, have fun.


Fathers Day prezzies: A paperback, two shirts and (wait for it!) a pair of shorts :sunglasses:


Just dug out my Class T Teac power amp as its a bit warm to run the WAD 300b PP.

Sounds surprisingly good driven by the AN M2 into Avatars.


I wish. I had the Luxman furnace on for 12 hours yesterday and didn’t even need to take off my hoodie.


This normally lives indoors but me and the lad have been facing off outside today.


We need a table tennis bake off


If we had better weather generally, I would get a full size outdoor one.


Blimey, how big are the clothes ? :smile:


We’ve got one that can live outside for a bit, but they suggest storing it under cover during winter.

In practice it lives in the conservatory, which is too small for you to actually play the fucking game…

Claire measured up for it by the way, and thought because it fitted in the conservatory, that the conservatory was big enough. To be fair if there was no other crap in there, you probably could just about manage, but…


Sitting under a vine covered pergola eating homecooked food prepared by Narelle’s Italian cousins. Much celebrating due to it being Narelle’s birthday.
Accompanied by lots and lots of homemade wine.

Bellissima !


Lounging inside.
Lounging outside.
Just lounging.


Give Narelle the Slaughtermens best wishes.

Sounds a fantastic birthday do!