Tools you have bought/desire


I remember seeing that film a few years back & thought they might be able to do it although whether they’ll work on another makers shears, who knows? But it might be worth cultivating a relationship with them anyway particularly if they know what you do & who you work for.

Years ago as a student in Sheffield I did a placement with a company called Downs Surgical who besides making amazing titanium hip & knee joints along with other surgical apparatus also hand made a lot of forceps & scissors. It was amazing to watch the skill of the guys working there particularly those doing the finishing.


This morning I was looking at these woodworking tools being sold in a local auction tomorrow. The (still boxed) Stanley planes look fairly minty& unused. I don’t do woodworking. Maybe I should start!


We bought some of these gepy centres for work

Sort of Rolls Royce in the centre world

It is interesting handling some of the stuff that comes through,you can feel and see the quality 2nd hand items over the cheaper stuff.

We had an old lathe from circa 1910 a couple of years ago,not the last word in quality,but still fantastic considering the tools they had at there disposal


Until today, I had managed to cackhandedly navigate through life without the slightest craving for scissors.

I now thirst for the ‘cutty bastards’.

Much obliged.


I really fancy a decent pair of kitchen ones


Nice little collection there. I would have just had to buy them :wink:


After finishing the door job I was busy with, I made a little router plane. Works very nicely and will come in handy for cleaning out joints and truing tenons.


old grannies tooth?


Indeed. Or hags tooth


I made one in the first year of my degree (I trained as wood work teacher and then CDT - majored in crafts and technology (electronics))


Making the blade took longer than the plane itself!


I remember hours spent making plane blades, sharpening all sorts of blades and chisels…still have a nice set of tools purchased in the 1980s with my tool grant. including some lovely fine saws that now need sharpening and their teeth resetting


I’ll also be making my own plane blades as soon as I can get the fire installed in the workshop. Until then I have no means of hardening them.


I have to say Paul your woodwork skillz are mightily impressive especially if you made that window and door frame.

I struggle with replacing hatches in floors and a noggin if really pushed. Very impressed.

Mind…you have diabolical taste in football teams but you can’t have it all. :slight_smile:


Cheers, Stu.

You’re right about the football teams, at least :wink:


He’s a engineer/metalworker really. There’s not much difference, just the materials are softer :+1:


That (and the doors) is feckin’ impressive. If I attempted anything of the sort the fire brigade would still be hosing down the embers…:cry:


I like tools, recent purchases include a 750mm breaker bar, 1/2 inch torque wrench.


Scissor watch, day five. :laughing:

I took the decision on Sunday to have a go at the shears myself rather than sending them to someone else. In my experience, they always take too much off the blades and I was thinking that they really only needed a touch up. On Sunday evening I spent a while with a couple of sharpening stones I have and after some careful honing I got a nice edge on them. Monday morning I thought they were much improved but were still pushing the cloth a bit so after a bit of research I bought a Lansky’s Crock Stick Knife Sharpener (tools lead to more tools right?) And last night after a few minutes with it I have them like razors! They eat cloth now rather than push it reluctantly away and cut right down to the the tip.

I know it’s wanky but I am like a dog with two dicks since I got these, I get a thrill just picking them up!


Do you use Sumo oil?