Tools you have bought/desire


I’ve been looking at knife sharpeners for a while and have become befuddled by the variety and cost. May I ask why you opted for these over others, especially as you have a professional interest rather than me who just wants to sharpen the kitchen knives. Thanks


I have often wondered whether all the hype about these was justified…


Saw this set on Amazon

and have now watched a few YouTube clips. Both kits seem excellent. But which to go for?


Just bought a mitre saw and this for demolishing pallets


Japanese foo oil? I’m in! Intrigued by the sent… Would rather geisha than Sumo :grinning:


I’d be very wary sharpening your valuable scissors using rods Ritchie. They potentially remove a lot of material so can consequently drastically reduce the life of the blade.

Wet stones are a far better option in the long run and produce a far slicker, sharper edge. :+1:


I bought the Crock Stick because you can put the scissor blades either side of the rod and push them open once you have the correct angle , if that makes sense? I tried it with knives last night and wasn’t that impressed… I would go for one of these :

A pro chef friend of mine has one and it is very good. You fill it with water to lubricate and it has 3 grades which sharpen and then progressively polish.


I was very careful Jim, I have removed barely anything :+1: Made only one pass with them.


Makes note to ask Jim to give knife sharpening lesson at Lopwell.


We’ll see…:wink:


Alcohol, fire, and very sharp knives.

What could possibly go wrong?


Sharp knives remind me there has been a lack of daggering going on


I remember those horns you made for Scalford many years ago! :grinning:


we have the two wheel version for our knives and it works very well although the three wheeled version looks like a worthwhile upgrade,



That is ‘down the rabbit hole sharpening’, right there. :eyes:


Not bought, but today I’ve nearly finished a smoothing plane I’ve been making. Just need to finish it off with a few coats of shellac (when postie eventually delivers it) and do a bit of tarting up on the finish.


Wow, that looks good. :grinning:


beech and sycamore?


Possibly the worst dectective programme from the 70s