Tools you have bought/desire


Wow, never used one but would love to!


Half a million chop sticks to go and you’ll be in profit :grinning:


Alas Mr Hotley is retiring, a shame to see craftsmanship like this disappear


That’s just showing off.


Thank god for these summer evenings.


I showed my wife this, her response was “oooooo good chop sticks are expensive!”

Kind of want one now, tone arm maker perhaps?


I just looked at them, I have no idea what they do, but they look nice.

I don’t have any planes, but this and the ginnel thread fills me with tool lust. Perhaps I can cnc something :smiley:


Apparently these offer good value for money. I found an old Stanley and Acorn plane amongst Dad/Granddad’s tools, so I might have a go at bringing those back to life.

Ordered one of these to have a mess with too.

I’m going to need a workbench now :smiley:


No workbench need Ed, just a comfortable pillow…just watched this, very beautiful.


I have a few of those puzzle boxes, wonderful things.





That is awesome. Oh, the Tomahawks you could cook on that !!!


Now that’s what I call a barbecue :+1:


It’s the biggest version of these, the X166:


And there was me thinking it was a German turntable.


New pretty pressfit electronic tool. Plan to use on gas for speed and cleanliness. Eye wateringly expensive, but a fast and guaranteed joint.


Are they metal-to-metal joints between the pipes and the fitting or are there flexible seals in there ? If the former is it resistant to the pipes being wiggled ? If the latter do they last for ever ?



There is an o ring in the fitting that is compressed onto the pipe making the seal and the fitting itself is pressed onto the pipe either side of the ring giving rigidity. The end of the fitting is also pressed round onto the pipe to stop any ingress of dust etc. All in one movement.

The joint is utterly solid, the tool fully automatic and even tells you if the press is not complete. 25 year minimum they reckon.

Just been getting a bit hacked off soldering under floors, flux etc this is quick and clean.