Tools you have bought/desire


Vegan sausages ?



I have an urge for a Leatherman of some sort


Just arrived a fixture that turns a angle grinder into a mini chop saw. Decent enough for £25
I forgot how much of a pain deburring metal is without a decent bench and vice setup


Not sure, Jim. The cheeks are beach. Which means I found it on the beach, a piece 4" square and 3’ long which has been drying out in the workshop for a good while. Whilst I agree it looks a bit like beech, it seems much heavier and denser with quite a cryptic grain (it’s a bastard to plane!)


I always have this urge, are they silly?





Missed this, taking orders? :wink:


As I said, I need to get the fire installed which is definitely going to be before the winter weather hits. Once it’s in (and if you give me the exact dimensions you want) I’ll make you one to try out and see what you think.


So jealous of the skills involved. That looks like a great thing to build. I wouldn’t know where to start.

But how do you make a smoothing plane without a smoothing plane?


That’s the hard bit :laughing:


Great thread but in the face of such skills it also makes me feel very inadequate :unamused:


You and I both Spacy :frowning:


Let’s take solace in the fact we are good for nothings Mike :grinning:


:+1: Works for me


Wow, thanks. Can keep it to a simple one to go in my wooden jack plane. I suspect you aren’t short of a bit of iron, but I’ll have a root round at work and see if there is anything special knocking around.


No problem. I’ll probably use 3mm thick 01 tool steel - ground flat stock - which I should be able to harden to around 82 Rockwell.

I don’t have a hardness tester, but the process should get it there or thereabouts. It will be evident when the honing process begins.


Tip top Paul. If you want I can see about getting a hardness test done at work so you know you are in the right ball park.



I have some Bridge city planes Ed, best I have used.