We have a live one - Mr MWS is being Trolled - Calling AA rescue services


FFS just invite her around and the three of you go at it.


Holy shitballs!!!


It’s a bloke… lol.


Approaching a 10 pinter I’d say.


Approaching! :slight_smile:


Have you invited him to join yet? There’s a linky software thing somewhere
Oops sorry don’t know how I replied to you’re post. That was for Mr. MWS


I am concerned in my naivete there is some secret deviant code in placing wanted ads in local newspapers up North?

So far we have Sam the persistent texting transvestite and Jordan and Priscilla (Quite possibly men) the overly willing masseuses.

What fresh challenge is planned as an encore? Keith the human bollard? Nappy training Dave? Brenda the Bombay roll specialist? (AKA Ginger Greg) I’m further concerned Mr. MWS’s return on Wednesday will escalate matters. The only saving grace is that Stronzetto never goes near telephones due to the glue deposits on his chin which have led on several occasions to A&E and the removal of a stolen phone from his boat.


Didn’t they invent dogging up North?


Was the want ad all about Vinyl? black vinyl?


I’m more concerned about the light switch.
I thought brass ones were firmly left in the 1980s.


I’m getting these vibes…


Matt & Sams next bakeoff



It’s been a while since I had a live one and the peace has been most welcome. Sadly over a nice family lunch I’ve received a slightly more forward approach


Send a picture of Jim’s piles.


He hasn’t got one (but it could be arranged, for a small fee :wink:)


I’ll buy that for a dollar