Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


A churning urn of burning asshole.


Yeah, where is Bmtel these days?


Arsehole man wears nice tailoring. Whoever cut that back knew what they were about and no mistake. :eyes::ok_hand:





very fruity, lots of orange - soft texture, but lacking spice. Prefer the Simmons ones.


M&S luxury ones for breakfast, warmed in the oven.

Really nice - excellent gooeyness, loads of fruit, balanced spices. Almost too perfect, in a way that modem manufacturing is: I can’t really criticise them, and that is a criticism in its own way.


This is the default choice in our house. The kids have a strong preference for the pack of 9 mini M&S HCBs rather than the standard pack of four, claiming the texture and flavour from the mini HCBs is better.


I don’t like hot cross buns.

But I did just read the whole thread, just to revel in the pedantry.

I am pleased to report that all is well. This remains the best forum for cunts talking bollocks about shit.

I’ve put ‘learn to make your own butter’ on my to do list. It currently sits between ‘eat less butter’ and ‘try to get out more’. So far, both elude me.



My favourite pastry. With sweet or savoury.
Just magical.


I wonder if Paul are doing a seasonal, hot cross bun croissant. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If current culinary trends are any indication, some cunt will eventually find a way of bringing haggis into the mix. They seem to have found ways to put it into everything else. Boils my piss.


I will be spending more time in London so Paul will be receiving my utmost attention.


I love haggis, I do, me.

I even have emergency tinned-haggis in the store cupboard and am not even joking.

Haggis slice in a HCB could be an epic win!


Almost as bad as Hawaiian pizza.


Haggis HCB…mmmmmm :thinking:

Someone suggested bacon HCB upthread, so I tried that. the first bite was a bit lacking so I put some sriracha hot sauce on it. Then it was absolutely brill - gotta love salty/sweet/hot :heart_eyes:


Ya know, looking at you, no-one would ever guess you were a Fussy Eater! :rofl:


Due to one of their usual substitutions free for alls, I was forced to eat the Tesco Finest 4 Extra Fruity HCBs…

If these are extra fruity, the standard ones must contain 1 sultana. Per packet !
The level of fruit was what I expect from a normal HCB. They are quite small, doughy, and have very little spice but have an over-riding aftertaste of cloves. Only cloves.

Not unpleasant but are actually better eaten as tea cakes rather than toasted. The flavours are better balanced when cold.


There should be 5 sultanas or currents in a HCB depicting the number of wounds on Christ’s body.


The one i had last week would suggest he had been machine gunned down then


Aren’t tea cakes generally eaten toasted? :thinking: