Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


Nothing is as bad as a Hawaiian pizza.


Yes, yes there is. Honey on a HCB :rage:, pesto on a Fry Up :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and that debauched shit @Jim was on about with bacon, HCBs and hot sauce :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:.

Oh and Satan’s anu-ease, goats cheese on a pizza.




You missed pesto-gate?


Yep. There are people on here supporting the merits of pesto pollution. Grotesque.


But at least goat’s cheese is er… cheese. Not a big fan myself but it’s in the right general direction.
Pineapple is an acid-laden fruit that dissolves your lips. It doesn’t go with dough, tomato sauce and especially not with mozzarella. Any so-called pizzeria which has the gall to offer it should be shut down instanter.


I like pineapple on pizzas and even I know it’s Rong.


You have never been ronger. :confounded:


pineapple = epic
pizza = epic

Pizza + pineapple = ronger than rong can be.


Can we all agree that any cheddar on a pizza is completely unacceptable?


I guess I wasn’t paying attention


Are you admitting to being a pesto dribbler then?


I first read that as pissed old dribbler…


It’s less wrong that Hawaiian pizza.




I had an HCB with sausage and sriacha hot sauce this morning - not quite as delish as bacon, but still good :yum:



cheese and pineapple = YUM

not on a pizza though.
Meat filled HCB = Fucking awful


Distinct lack of effort in HCB production. Given the mince pie consensus that home made was superior to bought offerings I expected baking trays full of home baked buns.
I commence baking tomorrow :yum:


Very Abigail’s Party :grinning:


Wait till you see em,
I like it when we get all practical and granny proud baker like, some on here have real hidden talents.