What albums have you bought lately?



Deluxe vinyl edition




Fecking excellent!



Got these two as slightly belated birthday presents:




At last someone else has bought a copy. What do you think? I fecking love it!


It was because of your post that I bought it :slight_smile:

Only heard it streamed but so far so good.


Glad you like them. I heard the opening track on 6music a couple of weeks ago and bought the ep straight away THere was something about them that I’d heard before and then I remembered what it was…

This was an album bought for me by an Oz mate before I went on my road trip from Brisbane to Perth. Both bands are from Melbourne (as I’ve just read about RBCF). There are definite similarities. Someones dad in RBCF must have been playing this album to his kid nearly 30 years ago. If you get a chance to hear the Paul Kelly album and then play RBCF - uncanny!


Nice bit of synth pop a la Vince Clarke with Moyets sumptuous deep voice as a contrast.

Not sure if MFSL have done a lot to improve on the original - I think bass and overall weight of the sound is heavier.


Just bought that… spotted it he other day in the listening to thread


Just picked this lot from drift


Where’s that?


Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin: Julie’s Haircut

Alive at Roadburn: Hills

Mirage: Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

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South Wests trust fund hippie heaven otherwise known as totnes


Where’s that?


Deja vu Derp???


In between Exeter and Plymouth

Home alone and loud that COFAM is a cracker,I’d almost given up hope of finding a copy ,:grin:

Worth a look on your way down for the SW weekender


Totnes, Twinned with Narnia.


From Carnival in Malvern this morning.

Along with a load of second hand toot.