What albums have you bought lately?


Finally competed my cd remastered collection. To replace my cassettes!



Matt is this the same Rick Tomlinson of voice of the seven woods,

I hope so as I have both of those records, saw him at Exeter about 10 years ago and at the lynmouth festival…Really something else


Yeah I saw him a few years back. Got his LP on Twisted Nerve. Think I might dig it out later.


He did two voice of woods and then voice of thunder,both superb records

Me too


Man of many talents


Yes same Rick - The new LP is ltd to 300 -Drift in totness have copies online / in store as do Piccadilly


Thanks for the heads up I call them and get a vopy


Just got the last one from drift…Nice onr



Mr. MWS is a complete imbecile and quite possibly a lost cause.

Nevertheless he has directed me to make note of Nadia’s eyes which in his words are: “Aflame with filth and stink” Perhaps it is her sternly arched eyebrows which have roused his passions? Perhaps it is because Nadia has a touch of the Velma’s from Scooby doo ? I have tried to fathom what he see’s on a few misjudged occasions, all of which have led remarkably close to the mind doctors couch. Mr. MWS further contends, “Nadia waxes her top lip but leaves her front purse un-pruned”. The rest of his assumptions are not fit for print but the picture he paints is quite indelible and most unwelcome. - My apologies. Mr. MWS’s sexual hypothesis are thick and frequent - at times I am powerless to reason with him.


Dunno yet but I’ll shortly be on my way to pop into Carnival Records in Malvern so I’m unlikely to be able to leave without buying something.


Don’t quite know how it happened but I actually left there empty handed :anguished:


I always come out with a bag full, but I’m buying his crappy second hand CDs. That expensive vinyl stuff might be a different story.


That his brutal, savage power remains coursing away like a rampant stag two days after Wednesday speaks volumes for his vitality. I often whimsically imagine that he is very much a fan of direct drive on a 12 incher.


This arrived this morning…


I don’t buy CD’s. Just didn’t really see anything I fancied, even in the pricey vinyl section :scream:.

Ended up going home via Rise in Worcester and bought these instead -





Where Rollins found himself, Interesting to note what was behind ‘The bridge’.