What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Apologies, hadn’t spotted that it originated in a civilised country.


The Old Speckled Pan :smile:


Cascade/Amarillo Pale Ale.


A few of these and well deserved


And just for @crimsondonkey I went and bought two more of these


Just finishing this while watching the snooker…


That Budweiser is my favourite.

Although I did think it was the US shit on my small screen!

The Czech Pilsner version is a different league.


A couple of pints of this…

over lunch.
Now, my own Anzac Ale-eye-ants :beer:


Had a few pints of this today - very nice indeed.


Dangerously drinkable.


sounds horribly sweet…


That was my first thought.


Not my picture, but the same thing.

Coming (nearly) from Herefordshire I’m not sure about this new fangled Kentish perry thing, but it tastes good all the same.


Not going to suck your lips together, no.


Gin d’orange large, a habit I seemed to have picked up from my wife’s 82 year old father



Tastes okayish, has a slightly dogshit nose.


Excellent tasting notes there Rob :grinning:


I even asked my youngest daughter what she could get out of the aroma, and she could smell it too. Weirdly, you only get it if your nose is right in the glass, a fraction out, and it’s more like cowshit.

I’ve stopped sniffing it now…


From memory that’s as good as it gets :unamused:


I quite like this stuff.