What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



Not forgetting the Skinners Portleven and Badgers Golden Champion.

Hic :smiley:



Any good? My boss bought me a bottle for Christmas. Never really been a bourbon fan.


I’m no Bourbon fan, but I like this. Had a few bottles and always enjoy it :+1:

Nothing like JD (thankfully!)


I hadn’t seen that one previously. I’m a big fan of their Detail Ale.



Very nice and under a fiver in Aldi - chin chin :wine_glass:


Accidental gin, before @coco gets here for some deliberate beer.


Burrow Hill Cider


Just had a couple of Mr Westons vintage fermented apple beverage.

Fancy a cheeky G&T now…


G&T sounds like a plan


Gipsy Hill Hepcat


You need to lift it off that poor blokes arm.


As in Gipsy Hill, Sarf Lunon?


Indeed. About 500 yards from where I live




Today I had my first draft British lager for a generation…

Sitting in the sun, it was a rather splendid drop. A bit like a bitter Warsteiner.

Followed by a pint of…

which is a shadow of it’s former self since it is now brewed by Charles Wells.

Once home it was a G&T made with…

OKish. Not the most flavoursome but interesting.

Now having one of my ANZAC Ale-Eye-Ants.


Canopy (Herne Hill). About 500 yards in the other direction.


At least 3 or 4 of these…

On the Mallinsons now, a new kind of hop apparently. Not bad.