What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


In the local Turkish restuarant, so drinking Turkish beer. Florence’s cocktail is lychee martini.


tell her happy birthday from the abattoir.


Happy Birthday Florence!


I know and I’ve got to dress up for a funeral at noon tomorrow. No one close, but someone who I need to respect…gonna be hot


On a little walk in the nature reserve behind my house. Went to ASDA and got a bottle if beer. Sat down to drink it and realised my pockets were empty, fuck! Managed it with my teeth though:


Desperate stuff :wink:

Ice cold Tyskie for me tonight.


I was gutted but where there’s a will…



Since it’s been recommended here I bought myself a four pack of Tyskie as a treat for surviving my bike ride today. Very cold and very refreshing :beer:


Just plain old Becks, but lovely and cold.

Raising a bottle or three to my Dad who would have been 79 today.



I love a crate of that for summer.

Edit… it’s 24 quid a case at Majestic so that’s my lunch break trip tomorrow!


First time I’ve tried this - rather nice it is too :beer:


Homemade red vino from Narelle’s cousins. It’s rather nice.


Nice island, nice boat(s), absolutely shit taste in beer :smile:


Heh, Ringnes, heh.


Not right now but soon


the lady and I are off to taste czech wines this evening, not wine im familiar with so looking forward to the experience, ill post a few up later if they are any good…