What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Ordered mixed crate of Westmalle Thursday evening and delivered today. Very pleased although now have a tonne of packaging to get rid of. To be fare though nothing was going to get broken with the amount polystyrene stuffed in and around the crate.

Thanks again Paul for the link. Suspect it could become a bit of a habit.


It was Pete (Cobbler) who gave the heads up on the site.:ok_hand:

There is so much choice and even with carriage it’s decent value. I’m on my 6th crate.:grin:
The Westmalle Tripel is just gorgeous.:heart_eyes:


Never tried this as I normally go for single malts but it was reduced to £15 on Amazon Prime day so thought it rude not to try it.


I quite like Black Label


First of a few well deserved beers




Portuguese wine is very under rated. We spent a few days in the Upper Douro touring the vineyards a few years ago. Essentially the Port produces are moving into producing decent reds for export.



Indeed - there’s a couple I really like from work





A few “recovery” beers tonight, @spacehopper

At least…i hope they help me recover :stuck_out_tongue:


Quite right - you’ve certainly earned them this week

I’m having this in solidarity with you


Cheers :+1:

One of these now…

Really enjoyed my ride yesterday and the day before, and didn’t push myself on either, but hoping i recover sufficiently before Saturday…

Legs feel a bit tender today


Another strong 'un



this arrived earlier today - very strong botanicals, with ling bitter finish


That looks interesting. Wossit like?


Ehhh, it’s quite a pleasant bourbon i.e. smooth and sweet.

I’ve been drinking it for years, but it’s so commonplace now that they they sell it in Waitrose.



Like it would ever happen :smile: