What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


How far do Ocado deliver? :smile:


Not far enough


Not drinking it at the moment, but will be once all 15 bottles get delivered. Oh yeah.

Enjoyed it in London when down a few weeks back.



Thatchers Gold I’m a sunny pub garden :beers:



Closest is about 75 miles away from Fetlar :slightly_smiling_face:


So, that’ll be in the North Sea then, or the Atlantic?


Yeah, they do an air drop and you have to row out and pick it up from there.

Surely you’ve adjusted to the local moonshine by now?


I wondered how we could get it, seeing as it is 157 miles from Fetlar to John o Groats

No local moonshine, we just congregate at a secret place in Funzie for the weekly ingestion of fermented Mermaids piss.

(I really shouldn’t have told you that!)


very smooth with a power juniper hit, a hint of elderflower and floral botanicals - nice…



One of my fave M&S vino rosso - £8 not too bad :wine_glass:


Just opening my second one of these - cheap and very nice. Same effect as White Lightning, but I bought it from Waitrose, so it’s far more refined, so, I’m not an Alcy, right ?


Love that!


Can’t quite believe how they can do 2 litres of decent Cider for £5.

A real result !


I buy a couple or three of them every time I go to Lerwick (Tesco) which is around a 4 week cycle. It really is decent cider IMO


Take the car then…

All evening, fish etc. etc.




'tis indeed.