What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Had a Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin tonight but barman gave me a smell of some Alnwick Gin which smelled spicy to me and I really want to try some now.

Ever tried it @ZiggyMarley



Just home from work, so a couple of these while watching qualifying…


We have half a bottle of Alnwick Gin, it is smooth on the palate, and very floral - from memory lots or rosemary and lavender.

Never tried the Masons Yorkshire tea gin you refer to. Have had a taster of the Masons Gin, but don’t really recall it.


Well he said the Masons had tea in it and when I looked it up they seem to have loads of different ones so I’m assuming it’s the Yorkshire Tea one.

Think I’ll get a bottle of that Alnwick gin, sounds good. I knew you’d have had it.


The Aldi gin (much praised in the papers of late) is actually pretty good although the £9.95 is for a 70 cl bottle & they only had litres. Selling very well though. The power of positive press & social media.


Yep, ive started buying that as of last month, perfectly drinkable.

Pour it into a posh bottle when no one is looking if the lable is off putting.


I’m going to have to find me a bottle.


I recall a horrible run-in with Morrison’s “whisky” which has left me with a strong aversion to own-brand spirits.


If you go to our closest Aldi on a Saturday afternoon the beer and spirits section is more or less cleaned out. That Gin (along with their £10 whisky and the decent real ale) is only available before 11am ime.



G&Ts made with the Lidl Hampstead Dry Gin. Nice without be anything particularly outstanding. A bit…errr…Gordons. If you know what I mean ?

and then…

Spritz made with…

at £7.99 for 70cl from Lidl, it’s a worthy challenger for Aperol. The differences are sooo subtle that it’s probably made at the same place and rebadged. Only the worst kind of label snob would ignore this.





A fair few actually. Tomorrow morning could be tricky.


Snap! Also my tipple this evening.



Cheers !


Cheap and cheerful but washed down my tuna and red onion baguettes quite nicely.



I’ve even got the exact same glass.:sunglasses:


Posh bugger



Is it just me, or does the “Le Petit Chat” logo look like your traditional cock & balls graffito?

Just me, then.