What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



Bottle of this:

Followed by a bottle of this:


750 ml

Needed as the house is overrun by shrieking 8 year old girls. The horror…



I’m waiting for a snoot…


It’s that time…


Next aperitif


Disappointly the exec lounge here only has beer or wine

The beer is Heineken…at least it cold…off for cocktails soon


I’m no Belgian beer expert but both of these are nice - brewed for M&S by the Brouwerij De Brabandere in West Flanders. Even nicer as they cost me feck all :beer:


Just been to my favourite boozatorium.

The one on the left is a gift for a friend.

The one on right was a recommendation from a colleague. He reckons it’s the best gin evah, however his wife is Japanese, and I think this makes him a teeny bit biased.


The kiyato gin is good, but not the best IMO. Personally my best goes to Beefeater Crown Jewel.




Better :slightly_smiling_face:


Never hear of that one.

I’ll have to try a bottle - thanks for the tip :+1:


I had a very dry Gibson last night made with it. It has an interesting story


when it was discontinued in 2009 it slowly became the holy grail of gins for some collectors. I was introduced to it by a gin reviewer, in about 2011. I managed to buy my own bottle in about 2014 from an outlet in Spain who still had stock, and last year Beefeater quietly re-released it again. I know of some bars in London that were charging £30-40 per measure of it.





Having a little nip on this after watching Dunkirk at the local picturehouse


A couple of whiskies