What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Anyway onto old faithful:


Ouzo 12

Lots of ice, and a pink straw.


I doubt you’re ready to give her lessons on how to make the boys really happy :joy:


Not possible dude. Nup, no way Jose.


Essential !




The colour of the straw matches the colour of the drink. We recently had a week in Crete where I drank a lot of it… the hotel referred to it as a Pink Panther.


A gift so tastes even better.

First day of Hols so SWMBO has necked a bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and I have had this. Innapropriate really with Cod in Proscuttio, new spuds,samphire and lemon mayo all made with these fair hands.

Now spinning some vinyl for her so there may be tears. The jumper is off!


No, because this is me:



“Another bottle hon?”

"Oh well, if you inshisht shweetheart… "


I was going to ask if any of the partygoers had been sick yet (the transition from too much cake and jelly to too much vodka and lime was pretty seamless when I was growing up). But now I’m wondering if ‘drunk in charge of a party’ might be an issue. If Ellie has to put you two to bed you’ll never hear the last of it.



Claire, obviously, is in charge of the party, and she’s hardly pissed at all. No booze for the kiddywinks.

It’s turning out to be quite civilised really, they’re nowhere near as feral I was at that age…


Yawn ! Where’s the challenge in that ?


These days it all happens on and via Intagram according to my SiL


Well, yeah. I must have gone wrong somewhere in the upbringing thingy.


It all happened in the cemetery near school in my day…


On the bus or on the tube at remote stations like Stanmore. Late night on Hackney Downs was a bit dangerous when I was 15, but there were still plenty of allies around that were sufficiently dark and secluded.

My first girlfriend we were both 15 had a mother who was quite open minded and let us stay together in her room. She openly told us she didn’t care what we did, so long as we were safe and I didn’t fist her daughter…


…and did you?


Dinner with friends at our village pub. Decent (actually very good) pizzas, several pints of…