Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


James Brokenshire destroyed, not as a cunt, but a lying piss cunt, on Today. Lying through his teeth.


I actually laughed out loud, to the extent that my ten year old son came and asked what was so funny. He quickly disappeared when I tried to explain…


The person who sold me a turntable and then ‘lost’ the arm board. No I am not paying £150 for a new one you can have it all back you cunt.


Was happily listening to music when Windows gratuitously rebooted on me. Fuck Windows, with a clenched fist to its knob.


Turn off automatic updates.


Stop using Windows


1 need Windows, Linux media players are not flexible enough
2 I want it to be up to date. I just want to fucking control it.

Actually I could just stop it updating, as it’s only used for music. Meh.


I have Foobar running in Linux Mint using Wine. Runs the same as in Windoze except it never fucking crashes.


Foobar doesn’t have sufficient functionality for me, unfortunately.


I cannot imagine what you bads are doing on Windows to make it crash. Windows hasn’t crashed on me for years.


ditto here. 4 windows machines - 3 x win10, none ever crashed. 1 x Win7 at work, last time it crashed was due to it overhearing when the heat sink fan failed.


My win 10 laptop has been faultless for 2+ years now, it has never crashed. My work win 7 laptop has never crashed in 3 years. My win 7 audio computer / server has crashed twice in 4+ years and that was a hardware problem.


Attack in Barcelona. A vehicle drove into a crowd of people in the Ramblas killing 1 and injuring over 30.


Now 13 dead and 80 injured.


CP to the bloke who just came into my office and shouted at me…when I explained he was acting on misinformation, he was all smiles, but still it buggered up my morning…


And a CP from me to contractors who employ incompetent planners. Just spent the best part of 2 days sorting out their shit just so I can get my crappy job done. Useless cunts <<:fist:>>


Did you waste a lot of time crying afterwards?






I’m always surprised when people shout at others at work. In what way is it a sensible and acceptable way to communicate?