Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I can’t debate for toffee, of all the genes I got from my dad the ‘I know everything and am always right’ seems to be the most dominant.


I can’t either, I go full argumentative cunt very quickly, especially if I know what I’m talking about…


Would liked to have heard that conversation.


Made me think a lot mate. They don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories but have some relevant info from colleagues. Especially the the dog handlers. Dogs don’t have an agenda… ( although it’s possible some of their handlers do, I suppose)


Same as that Stu.


He doesn’t fancy having sixteen drunks with a cool music system and galactic quantities of food over for a weekend does he ?



I know it’s wrong to jump to conclusions but from the outset I didn’t believe what they were saying, I think I can read people very well and she came across as cold and calculating.


It might take some serious negotiations, because he thinks hifi is a load of bollocks, but he likes many, many pork products and all forms of booze…


How is he with capes ?



He likes Pink Floyd, so capes are not a massive stretch…


I’ve always believed they were probably negligent, but no more so than many other parents on holiday, and that the kidnap was the most realistic theory, as opposed to the accidental filicide and subsequent cover story, but now, I’m not so sure…

I want another conversation, minus alcohol, about it before I change my mind entirely, but there’s stuff that they were talking about that was quite disquieting.


Me, for leaving my keys at work before a night out meaning I had to wake up pregnant wife to get in when I got home drunk and couldn’t unlock my bike this morning to ride to work or do planned midweek ride after work :+1:


Prat - you can’t even use the excuse that you were drunk for leaving your keys at work :laughing:


yup. exactly :smiley:


What is it with all these athletes (usually American) wearing lycra stockings on their arms?
What’s wrong with a nice cardigan or anorak?


They should be made to wear capes if they’re cold.

Actually, scratch that. Capes should be mandatory at any athletics event.


keeps your arms warm with restricting shoulder movement. Cut the end off a pair of socks and experience the joys of the arm warmer


He was always there In the 70’s.


Yep, he was our top man.

Though he still wishes he had the dexterity - neck wise - of a Tawny Owl…


A full on Bollocks cruncher to the food industry. Those naughty supermarkets have been caught with their pants down, misleading customers with fake farm names on products, a marketing ploy to evoke an Arcadian view of the English countryside. Turns out half the food so labelled comes from abroad!. While I’m at it the NFU and farmers can have one too. They were deeply unhappy about this practise but are not keen for honest labelling. Outdoor reared its and fine label but for some reason they are not so keen on the label indoor reared, dishonest twats the lot of them. Oh, they do support labels of origin post Brexit, these cunts voted for it, double twats all round.