Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Another one of dem grandma Nazee’s




an “unbefuckinleavable” CP to a DPD delivery driver in Peterborough with a female passenger, with a baby on her knee.
She had put the seat belt across it though, so that would be fine in the event of sudden braking obvs.



For trying to understand what in the world of all fuck, a tesseract is and failing to even grasp a 4th dimension.

Years to come people will say ‘…he should have stuck to toilets’.

Head should be full of holiday shenanigans not this lark.


It is just a hypercube you silly plumber. Here is a projection of a tesseract into three space


Actually this is really hard to conceptualize at first. We are all used to the 3 dimensions explored thoroughly in Euclidean geometry by a bunch a smarty-pants Greeks a while back. Four-dimensional space just adds one number to the three we already know. A Calendar entry is a good example of a 4D location. For example, you are booked to unclog somebody’s loo on date t at the intersection of two streets (x and y) in a flat that takes up floor (z) of the building.

This diagram shows a smaller inner cube inside a larger outer cube. The eight lines connecting the vertices of the two cubes can represent a single direction in the “unseen” fourth dimension. An Irish bloke called Hinton dealt with a lot of this stuff in the 1880s. Clever lads those Irish…



Good explanation, thanks


You yellow fool.


:+1: It gets tricky when n-dimensional spaces are up for discussion. 4-D is relatively easy as long as we are dealing with Euclidean spaces. One the physics lads will be along later to torture us about the Minkowski structures used to deal with Einstein’s concept of space-time. That is hard. Also, the 4th dimension doesn’t have to be time, it is simple measured along any axis that is orthogonal to the three we are used to, one of which can be time.

Is the right answer!


Bit like plumbing really.



Hope it wasn’t Jims bog. The 4th dimension would be smell. Fo sho


There are is least one and possibly two unusual dimensions in plumbing. The concept of time of arrival and the hyperbolic discounting used to arrive at the final bill.

There is also the unusual hyper-space known as the plumber’s crack that is problematic to deal with.


When you’ve finished with the tesseract you can have a go at the Klein bottle. This is like a Mobius strip with one extra dimension. You’ll remember a Mobius strip is where you take a strip of, say, paper then put a twist in it and glue the ends together. If you were an ant walking about on this you’d be aware that like any surface it has two dimensions (‘along’ the strip and ‘across’ it, if you like) but you’d also find that you can reach the entire surface of the strip - both the ‘back’ and the ‘front’ - without having to walk over the sharp edge - so really there is only one surface. It manages this by having the twist in the third dimension - the one the ant, which has to stay on the paper, can’t access. Well a Klein bottle is a surface which curves in three dimensions and has a ‘twist’ in the fourth. Now we are like the ant - we can’t access the dimension with the twist in - but we can have the experience of getting from the ‘inside’ of the bottle to the ‘outside’ without having to cross over any ‘lip’.

A Berkeley mathematician, Cliff Stoll, has set up an excellent, quirky, funny website about Klein bottles here He also makes them (in a sense) and sells them. I keep meaning to buy one. They’re not really expensive and might be a useful thing to pull out of your pocket if you ever want to create a bit of personal space at a party (watch everyone make their excuses and back away …).



You forgot to mention the inevitable “Black Hole”, though this might be an extensions of the plumber’s crack of course.


I’m really struggling with the concept of a 4th dimension.

I understand that the tesseract is a cube within a cube (simplistically)… and this so called 4th dimension is a point on the connecting lines between the two cubes?


Haven’t even moved to bottles yet :frowning: .

On the mobius strip why isn’t the thickness of the paper a dimension?


Fuck it … I’m going on xhamster.


I like his Mobius scarf and hat. This is something @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi needs for quaffing the red.


I read that as hyperpube


The dimension thing is from the ants perspective isn’t it? Hence, it can’t see it has thickness.