Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


It pissed of N Garage and The Express and Heil. So worth all the effort


No problem with the rest of the Proms - apart from the compulsory evening wear for performers. …
That’s one of the main reasons classical music is seen as snobby. When I was a goth student my skinhead mate and I would go and listen to lunchtime Bach organ recitals; we were constantly bathed in dirty looks from the rest of the audience plus mutterings of “well really” and “disgraceful”. These fuckers were wearing blazers!


Proms - naff and wank.


Really, they’re not. It’s just the last night that is.


My first opera was funny, I was dressed in torn jeans and a t-shirt, with top price stalls tickets. Right in front of me, Josie Lawrence was sitting, in a huge ball gown. I felt so cool, I was there for the music while everyone else was there for the pageantry.


CP to me. Turned up at Heathrow this afternoon for a flight that I booked to depart tomorrow.

Fortunately they’ve swapped me on to today’s flight for an admin fee, only 2 seats left as well. Lucky!

First time ive ever done this and hopefully the last.
I got as far as the security gate before i realised what a twat I’d been. It flashed up “Wrong date” as i scanned my digital boarding pass.

Not a nice feeling when the penny dropped.
Still, ive got away with it, thankfully.


The more people like that, the more likely I am to have a 20th century opera as my next AAAC.


Glad it worked out. That must have been a nervous moment!


Yes it was, work tomorrow is important. Would have been a monumental fcuk up had i not been able to make it.

Sat on the plane now waiting to depart. Row 29 so lost my exit row seats :frowning:


Are the toilets not working?


Yeah they’re fine. Bloody flights delayed now, cant take off till 4.30.

By the way, thats a water bottle for drinking, not pissing into.


Filled with Vodka?



Oooh, we’re moving.


You are a lanky bugger Graham…

I also have an issue with the distance between plane seats - not quite the same as yours though…

I can never get the table down cos of my massive belly :stuck_out_tongue:




You need to turn left


A substantial blow to the goolies, elegantly delivered.

All the better for not having watched it… :wink:


my connecting flight is more suitable for the larger gentleman.

That is vodka by the way.


It looks like your in someone else’s seat