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Derivative, familiar indie, but beautifully done…






Nice. A Professor of Guitar too…
More music on there.


Unusual to hear jazzy mandolin; but both these boys know how to lift a tune.




Korean band, from what little I gather.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” MLK.

I rather like it, so describing it as new-proggish will probably save anyone else from listening. :slight_smile:


Talking with a friend recently (he plays both orchestra and jazz.)
We agreed it’s hard to move/groove a crowd if it no horn section.

Fine deep horns on that track. “Mediocracy is everywhere, but not here”


Very much enjoying her last album. This earlier track really good too


A new Gorrillaz album on the way…


Do The Shins still stack up in 2017? Not really. But one really good song on the new album…


Nice new jazz fusion with loads of lovely electric piano


Speaking to the best ears I know.

Not spotuing about the horns being little flat, (they illuminate song)
More interested to learn how difficult it is get for brass to get goood temperature/ pitch . Dferent hall, different audiencece size.
Get your horns hot, before recording!

Perhaps we are all living instruments.

And I only imagined guitar being difficult?


Humidity plays jolly havoc with the tuning of my acoustic guitars because they are always trying to lose or absorb air-moisture. I hadn’t considered similar problems with instruments made of metal expanding or contracting with ambient temperature. I now have an affinity with trombonists. Didn’t know that!


Yep, if you are playing a piece where you don’t come in for a couple of movements and the concert is in a cold church, there pretty much no point in tuning up.


Interesting insight. :thumbsup:


To soothe the Article 50 blues…