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Not to forget the bass trumpet. Elegant use of delay loops. :+1:


Kraftwerk - looking all Rapha before Rapha.




Funnily enough I think the roughness of the footage adds to brilliance



That would’ve been a thing to see ( & hear)

Just fantastic











Have never enjoyed the bombast of anything else Wagnerian, but that love poem is a singular, gentle delight.


Good to see an “orchestral collective.” Classical musicians more in tune with current times?

"Everybody comes to The Knights with fresh ears, constant inspiration, stimulus and thoughtful creation on their minds. I love that enterprise.” -Yo-Yo Ma
Azul, the Spanish word for ‘blue’, is the title of the contemplative cello concerto by Argentinian composer Osvaldo Golijov that forms the centrepiece of this celestially themed album. It is also a word that is rich in cultural resonance, deriving from the Arabic and Persian words for lapis lazuli, the lustrous semi-precious stone. The related French and English words, ‘azur’ and ‘azure’ are synonymous with the clear blue of sunny skies.

Golijov’s concerto received its premiere in 2006, with Yo-Yo Ma, the most celebrated cellist of our time, as soloist. On that occasion he performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which commissioned the work. On this album, Ma teams up with The Knights, the Brooklyn-based group that describes itself as “an orchestral collective, flexible in size and repertory, dedicated to transforming the concert experience.” Ma’s relationship with The Knights’ co-Artistic Director, violinist Colin Jacobsen, dates back to 2000 and the start of the ground-breaking multicultural Silk Road Project."


Try the Prelude to Lohengrin



Can’t get enough of this:



I’m finding this quite catchy…