YouTube music ramblings





“Simmer Down”, by the very fine Ghostpoet. Suspect I’ll be listening to more of this.




^^ Some nicely considered guitar playing in both of the above.


such an epic song this, fantastic!



I like that, very cool. Not a million miles away from early Lynyrd Skynyrd though or any number of 70’s bands

Edit. I’ve played a few more tracks. Got, it’s the James Gang reincarnated.


I have a couple of James Gang Albums when I get my t/t back I will give them a twirl. I have had them for years but never played them.


You’ll love them. One of the best type of that band from the 70s.


I reckon this would have been the theme if Starsky and Hutch were the baddest you-know-whats on the block…


New boots & panties,40 years old today.


Shut up!!!




Tribal mother love. Scary and stirring.



Exposed to some Elizabethan madrigals at school, but this was obviously way beyond our abilities. Long term readers may know me as not a fan of vocal music.

Still worth a listen, for those glistening chords.

If anyone knows a favoured versions.please share.