1.3 vauxhall diesel engines

Shit or OK?

It has a reputation for problems. Also used in a few FIATs.

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Petrol generally less problems and less expensive to fix.


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Shame, although only just noticed the milage and it is in Swansea.

Looking at Ford fusions now, the seat is slightly higher to get in and out

Can anyone rec me an estate other than vauxhall
Needs to be economical,reliable,not a fortune on tax,and smallish engine,1.4,1.6 or 1.7d at most
And £1500 at the very most,i know its a big ask,but i nearly drove straight through a smallish roundabout last night as gearing got stuck,been looking at fb,gumtree,any other places i should be looking?

Seen a nice little nissan duke,but not sure how big they are in the back,for lawnmower,strimmer,hi fi bits etc.



This is the 1.3 as i was thinking about,but the high mileage was off putting


This is much the same age and model as mine, which I find very practical.Not diesel though.


Not many 1.3 engines get to 166k. Impressive.

In a more sophisticated, understated, pre orange trim utterance.


Up until tonight I’d have suggested a Peugeot 308 diesel estate or similar.
But looks like my 3008 clutch has destroyed itself in spectacular fashion so! :sob::sob::sob:

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Was looking for something a bit bigger with more wheels that will just get round the m25 on full lock.


Better to focus on steering the car rather than browsing the web, especially in an Astra.


You can get a fair bit in a Tuk Tuk. Imagine the breeze rushing through where your hair once was. The economic master stroke of picking up fares where ever you go. Nice tie in for Mr. MWS if he decides to go for it with his mobile oil massage parlor…Profit share?

Any thoughts on this,it’s old,local looks in good condition

Its not an estate but probably stops at roundabouts


That looks a winner. Our daughter has a 2005? It has been great. Still has it.

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These are the other contenders at present;




Don’t have the cash for any of them yet,so hoping they will do a px on an fm4,low output cartridge,and a lightly used vape

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This looks perfect opinions please

Forget it, thought it was a bin

Too small?


Possibly perfect
For som Idea I’ve have a negative veiw on Peugeot Renault fiat and cyrus

No idea why, it looks possibly spot on…

As it stand, one bloke said the double things on the clutch aren’t rattling so probably don’t need changing, trouble is if he gets half way to fitting the clutch then says they do need changing I’m fucked

The bloke who changed the engine said they weren’t in great shape so change the lot
. He is going to sort out mot over next week or so, if it fails badly I’ll dump it, if not to bad, I lL get the clutch done

Starting to get on my tits now