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Registration is one thing, initiation is quite another…


Agreed, but surely in this fuddy beige landscape there is room for colour and creativity? How else is the right thinking man identified? Opening the door to one and all, is the canal that flows downhill to the mainstream.


Translation: I’ve been on a bender since Thursday.

Traslation: We got the work experience kid from Greggs to sketch something in crayon whilst we washed down sausage rolls with absinthe.

[quote=“murrayjohnson, post:19, topic:1973”] perhaps even securing the forum’s future.

Translation: :lying_face:



You need to draft in Diane Abbot who also manages the membership subscriptions for the wam.


More fixter than yours!


200 real members as against 61,000 bots? Quick, sell it to Petfood Pete for a fortune so he can come and moneyball this place into oblivion too :joy:

Real Reviews here we come!


You have been reading HFS too much. You need a nice lie down in a darkened (rubber) room in case you get over-excited and pop a vein in your forehead…



Membership is nothing without active posting of anything other than cat photos :smirk:


Nope, but very aware of the model that the new Wam ownership is using to destroy traffic, membership, and value of his original investment :thumbsup:






Fuck you and your B word, fucking sissy, this is banter not bullying :grimacing:


You’re a cunt. Your life is a cunt. Your involvement in this thread proves you’re a cunt. Cunt !


I’d say that was a pretty definitive ‘cunt’ then !


Still not sure what you’re trying to say?:kissing_heart:


Do you feel bullied ?


Have you defaced a picture of my cats?


No, just trying to be clear about stuff.


I’m not sure but I think he was calling you a cunt, you cunt.

Happy to help, you giant belm.


Well try harder then- one minute you’re calling me a bully, the next you’re asking if I feel bullied. Are you drunk already? :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass: