200 Up


Yep, it appears that we have managed to get the membership to 200 in the last week or so. Welcome aboard NewButchers!

What happened to the new logo? Mine was the bestest, even betterer that @Stu’s provocative troll with Lego.



Soon we will take over the world…ahhahahahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaa…


Does that that include spam bots?


Looks like actual real life members!



Didn’t we start with 300 members though?




Meh, we had more than 200 before the guvnor pushed the destruct button…


Yeah but 147 of them were all Rocky who couldn’t remember his password.


I miss Sodders, come back Paul, we forgive you for everything :wink:

Oh and Sam, Sam is lovely as wells.


PMSL :grinning: NURSE!!


Colin (greybeard) is down twice though, so 199?


Fucks sake, empty the bag early and often man…




That’s probably Rocky as well :roll_eyes:. I’m sure that there are 1500 odd suspicious Bernard(ettes) on Mumsnet that are all him as well…


Registration should require purple cape pic


Given the clientele there is extreme danger of a matching purple helmet being displayed in that pic…:nauseated_face:


Membership requires a certain commitment…


or being committed…


You fuckers! Since last Thursday I’ve been working 19 hours a day with a team of 6 designers on this We’re nearly there. It would’ve been groundbreaking work, truly innovative, perhaps even securing the forum’s future.

Now I find that it’s not needed, I’ve had to lay off the design team who are, as I write, fighting each other over tinned goods in the town food bank.

I’ve been trying to sell our effort to the AA but they don’t feel that some of the admittedly challenging graphics included will be welcome on window stickers in their members cars They are lacking courage & vision as far as I’m concerned. I also was scheduled for a meeting with a spokesman from Alcoholics Anonymous to discuss whether they could find a use for it but he’s cried off. ‘The twin themes of mortality & meat wouldn’t be helpful’ so I’m told. Fuckers!


If you’ve come out the other end of Audio there’s a strong chance you have been or indeed should have been