2016 Formula 1 - for the last few races

This weekend is the decider;


Rosberg wins the title if:
He finishes in the top three, regardless of what Hamilton does
He finishes fourth, fifth or sixth and Hamilton doesn’t win
He finishes seventh or eighth and Hamilton isn’t in the top two
He finishes ninth or 10th and Hamilton isn’t in the top three
Hamilton isn’t in the top three

Hamilton wins the title if:
He wins and Rosberg is outside the top three
He is second and Rosberg is outside the top seven
He is third and Rosberg is outside the top eight

I guess the Bookies’ odds are pretty poor :unamused:

I suspect the only chance for Lewis is if Nico suffers a DNF for some reason.
Not sure how I’d feel about that, whether it would be robbing him of a worthy world championship or just karma balancing things out.
(Unless it happens in qualifying as well and affects the Fantasy F1 league) :smiling_imp:

Who’s going to take out Nico then?

Verstappen hopefully…


I hope Nico wins.
I am fed up with Lewis wingeing about luck, true he has had some bad luck this year, but the luckiest drive of the year was his at Spa when he took all his penalties together then massively lucked in with the safety car and ended up gaining over 10 places iirc (as did Alonso).
If he hadn’t had that stroke of luck maybe Rosberg would already have settled it.
He drove a very sensible race in Brazil, it not being worth taking points-losing risks in those conditions, Lewis really didn’t need to take as many risks as he did.
Nico has usually been better than Lewis in Abu Dhabi.

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In a nutshell Frank :thumbsup:




Getting rather exicted ahead of the showdown

Throughly agree wth Frank’s post - Lewis’ constant mentioing of mechanical bad luck (while avoidinig all mention of numerous off days) is wearing rather thin in a season of near unheard-of reliability .

I have a feeling that Nico will rise to the occassion and blow Lewis’ doors off. I’ve put a tenner on that at 9/2, it’ll just about pay for a decent dram to clebrate Nico’s WDC

That said, if Lewis hit’s the front he should undoubtedly spend the first stint bunching up the pack and incite Maxhem behind him.

Lewis has had more good luck than the order drivers put together. OTOH they say you make your own luck.

Anyway, I hope Nico wins, be deserves it.

Lewis has certainly contributed to his start problems after the first few races through not following the correct start procedure.

Overall Nico has been very consistent this year, which has enabled him to be where he is in the championship, whilst Lewis has been inconsistent in his own performances and has had more reliability problems.

And the bleating takes another twist…

Hamilton’s little snide comments and implications that he is badly done by really get on my tits, and he has been incessant this year.
OTOH it seems true that the reliability issues which beset Rosberg before have moved to Hamilton.
We heard a million times less about reliability problems from Rosberg though. Maybe he kept quiet in public and sorted it at work??


Yeah. Maybe he’s not a whiney little bitch :rolling_eyes:

Would be nothing to do with it being a German team, we can discount that straight away!

Hamilton’s character / behaviour aside for a moment, there’s been enough underhand and dodgy shit happen in F1 over the years that it’s kind of difficult to just dismiss things out of hand.

German cash and senior management, almost entirely British team otherwise.

I am intrigued what you mean here. I was involved in F1 for around 35 years and heard some speculation in the press about favouritism of drivers. I can not imagine an actual team being that way though, these things come from jealousy and fandom usually. Also it is easier on a driver psychologically to believe his team mate has special treatment, or one of the other teams has some undiscovered trick.

So which stories have you heard and believed?

It wasn’t specifically stories about a team favouring one driver over another, but more people pushing / breaking the rules when they thought they could get away with it. I guess the pinnacle of that would be Flavio Briatore getting a driver to crash to bring out a safety car and ensure a result.

Nigel Stepney & Mike Coughlan?

That was unique IME. And I bet it wasn’t Flav’s idea (he doesn’t know anything about the non-business side of racing)
Most teams have had an occasion where they were convinced they were only being beaten because another team was cheating. Ken Tyrrell asked me when I left Williams how we had been cheating in 1983 and absolutely would not believe that we had not been. He was really abusive.
There have sometimes been people caught with cars outside the rules, the Honda fuel tank capacity springs to mind, but I think it is a very long time since one could actually get away with anything. There are a huge number of scrutineers and spot checks, so the underweight for qualifying cars and over size engines don’t happen now.