2017 Fantasy Grim Reaper

When I was younger and a fair bit more of a twat than I am now, I used to be in a Dead Pool. Iirc, there were about 10 of us who were distasteful enough to join in.

We used to choose a few people we thought might shuffle off their mortal coils over the course of a year and chuck a fiver a month into the pot.

In 1997 I lost out big-time because no one in the pool had died for months. I had Mother Theresa as one of my picks, and I was the only one who did for some reason. Then Princess Diana forgot to fasten her seatbelt… and my conspiracy theory colleague cleaned up :rage:

So, 2016 has been devastating, and let’s face it, for 2017, a lot of musical and cultural icons are in the danger zone.

Just for interest, and without any monetary involvement, choose 10 proper public figures ( not an obscure timpani player on an early Pink Floyd album…), and let’s see who’s the Joe Black of t’Abattoir?


Go on, go on, go on, go on… :smiling_imp:

I bet there’s someone you think is going to cease to exist. It’s particularly seedy when you pick someone you admire.

Shall I put you down for Stephen Hawking?

Kirk Douglas

Queen’s got to croak, surely?

100 today…

Ooh, I see my good taste filter was well and truly removed last night! Thank you alcohol! :beer:

I can’t be arsed thinking of 10, so let’s do a list of 5. Here’s mine:

Stephen Hawking
Donald Trump
Prince Philip
Glenn Campbell
Vera Lynn

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Prince Michael
George Michael
Fat Baldie Elton John
Kate Moss
Mick Jagger
Richard Branson
Axel Rose
Kanye West
Flavol Flav

Flav is the only one I would miss.

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Bruce Forsyth looks to be on dodgy ground at the moment.

Give us your list Rob.

In a bit, I have to do ‘work’ apparently…

wtf…you’re not really, are you :flushed:

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It’s my day off and I have got to go and do boring shopping for bog roll and food in a minute, instead of playing music and drinking tea. :rage:

Curtains are your friend


Yup, fluid transfer specialist :wink:

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Sperm bank?

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Unfortunately not, hydraulic engineering…


Pints go in, pints come out??? :grinning:

It’s Litres now, it’s metric you know :wink:

I can’t come up with a sensible list. Most of the people on my Fantasy Grim reaper list are sadly in pretty robust health (May, Trump, the entire cabinet and shadow cabinet, too many senior bankers to list, Putin, Cliff, Rod Stewart, Harry Redknapp, Ed Balls, Rupert Murdoch etc, etc). It is a wish list that might be great if all the boxes were ticked, although the replacements might be even worse, like that utter twunt Pence who would replace Trump.

Possibly also something I might have been better to choose to avoid thinking about as it is more than a little iffy.

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