2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


My ‘why’ = the premise / assumption (the mother of) that Honda will eventually get it right, by which time Williams’ own deficiencies - as succinctly documented by yourself and Frank - will have been ironed out

If I learned one big thing from your posts it is that change comes rather slowly in F1 - Williams aren’t suddenly going to be front row-ers every gp…so my thought is just that they should use the transition period - and Honda’s $$$ - as best they can, pay for R&D, decent drivers etc. Honda $ would hugely offset the reduced column 2 money / cost of Merc


I have said all along that given long enough, Honda will get it right. And they have clearly made a lot of progress this year as early on Sauber and Honda were close (because of the powerplant deficit), whereas now Honda are very much in the midfield on one lap performance and can fight there in the race.


There may well be a financial fit with Honda for Williams, but as Ian writes they are a bit lost at present and credibility with drivers and sponsors is rarely influenced by what is projected for the future…

I watch the races on the F1 app on my iPad. I see more of what is actually going on with that than with tv and its pundits. I miss seeing some of the overtakes and so forth, but the commentators pretty well always suss what is going on several laps after the timing app has made it clear (and sometimes never) so I wouldn’t bother Ian :slight_smile:


Frank, it is certainly tempting to not have a TV. And if I did to just use Netflix to watch some series that I have missed.

I have used the timing apps for many years and can read the race from it, certainly better than the commentators generally do. But I do miss seeing some of the overtakes etc. although not enough to pay to watch them!


I know what you fellas mean with following the all app, but without some commentary I can’t get overly excited about a purple number. Each to their own!

Meanwhile, Christian Horner’s being a moaning old goat, again: https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/horner-wants-three-engine-limit-scrapped-over-grid-penalties-949666/

I don’t think the penalties are ideal, but show me a more effective system that doesn’t favor crap engines / components (Christian?) or the top teams (Christian?)


Meanwhile, here’s some good old fashioned F2 (GP2) Monza Madness to enjoy while we wait for the Honda news


McLaren might possibly maybe build their own engines but might not possibly definatly in a big non story here.


A classic One Show featurette right there


Boom !


Seems done then, as expected

I can’t blame McLaren or Sainz but I have a bad feeling that it might bite them on the arse a year down the line.

RB will snap up the Honda engine (and $$$) when they finally get it together & Sainz is out of the RB family if / when Verstappen flounces next year.

I’m very curious to see how Honda deal with this humiliation.




Bloody hell, Renault have dropped Red Bull, so to speak, from 2019

I didn’t see that coming, at least not from that direction

I think we can safely say that Jos Verstappens phone will be busy these coming weeks. Christian Horner’s face should be a picture this weekend too

Final thought: good thing Alonso hadn’t lined up a deal at Red Bull :slight_smile: Still, it’s probably still bad news for him, as it most likely puts Max & Dan out of Red Bull and on the market. They probably were already, but the only ‘marquee’ seat available to Alonso in 2019 could well end up being Red Bull Honda


Yep, I was quite suprised, but I guess we really shouldn’t be thinking about it…


Horner has been moaning about Renault for ages, it’s just a great opportunity for them to get him off their back…


They’ve certainly given him something to moan about now, lol.


Waiting for, “Red Bull could leave F1” threats. AGAIN!


Everyone seems prettyconvinced that Porsche take over RB in 21

19 & 20 could be some barren years though


Poor old luck less Joylon Palmer looks to have no toys to play with shortly, probably, maybe…


Palmer mentioned yesterday that his 18 plans would be announced soon …whch sounds to me like perhaps has something lined up

The only F1 team I can imagine having room for him is WIlliams, but I truly hope this isn’t what Lowe & Co. are planning on, though most options are better than Massa IMHO.

Erikssen says he is talking to Williams too: Ive been quite impressed with him actually, I thought Weirhlein would smoke him, but he’s been competetive and raced well (except agianst Weirhlein :zipper_mouth_face: )

Of course, the romantic would say that the only driver they should even consider signing is Kubica. Take the gamble, Williams: he’s a proper driver. he might not race all 70 laps well, but at least you’ll know exactly what the car can and cannot do