2017 Formula 1 - The next generation



Image just released…




What an incredible start. Big chance for Hamilton to gain a big lead in the driver’s championship.


Lewis giving himself another opportunity to be sanctimonious…


Not Vettel’s fault at all (apparently)



Well, it’s been going on for years so it was gonna happen sooner rather than later. Well done Seb, you fucked yourself good and proper

Makes the rest of the season a bit pedestrian, doesn’t it: we’ll need reliability / crashes to interfere now
Elsewhere 1: time for Massa to do one: he was a liability out there yesterday
Elsewhere 2: Horner fooling nobody with Aston sponsorship, they’re still buggered for a powertrain


Looks like Ferrari have Verstappen in their sights for the shambles last weekend.

Not sure how they worked that out. From what I saw, Vettel would probably have taken out Raikonnen had Verstappen not been in the way. Vettel claims ‘defending his position’ but was he far enough ahead to legitimately be doing that? Looks like he was still at least partially alongside Verstappen when he moved across, forcing Verstappen to do the same.
I wonder if the car positions of Vettel and Verstappen were swapped, would ex-Ferrari chief Jean Todt still gone with the same decision? I sincerely hope he’s impartial.

Raikonnen was unfortunate to have been caught up in this. He held his line (not that he had much alternative, other than brake.)


This squeezing nonesense has been going on since Schuey introduced the chop. The FIA copped out with the one-move-allowed rule (IMHO) which was always gonna come a cropper when the driver who gets leaned on - in this case, Max - has nowhere to go.

Kimi still had ‘some’ room to his left, but it’s not really the point: when it happens in the blink of an eye there’s no time to do anything about it

By the FIA’s rules it was a racing incident, but by any other measure of common sense it was a fuck up waiting to happen.

Vettel’s cost himself the championship by making a squeeze instead of cautiously getting through turn 1 unscathed and dealing with what comes next.

I wonder, though, how much he worried that Lewis and Max would be unstoppable in the wet conditions


Agreed. I feel Vettel had a moment of desperation. He may have been able to see Hamilton coming up on his right and felt he had to do something. Unfortunately that turned out to (in my opinion) initiate a disaster for himself and two other drivers.


Right, I want cars to look and sound like this for the next rule change.

Just saying like…


Probably faster than the current Honda too…


Ftfy. But more like BrokeTFY given hamfisted attempts at syntax…


LOL, yep those too!

Modern F1 cars are just so bloody ugly with all those bits hanging off them, bleaugh…


The shark fins will not now be outlawed next year: teams ‘need’ them to display the large driver number, rather than est into ‘sellable’ advertising space elsewhere in the car.

Jesus wept.


Ferrari update for the Malaysian Grand Prix…


So, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.

The connection is good for both organisations, and being only 30 minutes or so apart means it should see some proper integration and/or crossover.

Questions must abound over the powerplant that will be used.


Replacing Kvyat…


That’s putting it mildly. Talk of Aston / RB rather conveniently avoids talking about the fact that they seem royally screwed for 19 & 20

I can’t find any shred of sense in the AM / RB tie-up, or whatever we’re being told it is .