2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


I think this is in many ways a shame and would refer to Craig’s earlier post. Kvyat is not, in the scheme of things, a bad driver. However, it’s tough at the top and let’s face it - the F1 grid (as compared with all the extraordinarily competent testers and so on) is the top.


Perhaps, if you subscribe to the notion that every race series needs a mobile trip-hazard with impulse-control issues of the likes of Kobaycrashi and Maldonado.


Alonso apparently already has a 35 place grid penalty.
Does that mean he has to start from the 15th grid slot in Austin?


Formula 1 really should be more popular in the USA, after all it’s penalty system is in line with their justice system which awards sentences of well over 100 years


Well. That was an interesting start. The multi-crashing ex-world champion directly involved… Yet again.


Many congrats Lewis, that was a great season…:+1:


Well deserved fourth World Championship for Lewis Hamilton. He has been pretty much unstoppable since the mid-season break.


Well done Lewis: in the end he wasn’t up against much, was he - it would have been much more interesting had Ferrari not imploded on their Asian ventures and it had gone more down to the wire, but he’s driven well since the summer and clearly deserves it.

Tis also a whole lot easier, apparently, when your teammate’s not pushing you all the way, like last year. The same applies to Vettel, of course. What a pair of piss-poor teammates (in performance terms) Bottas & Kimi have turned out to be this year


Hammy wins + most competitive season for a while - it’s not bliss for everyone, but it’ll do for me :+1:

Seems that there’s no such thing as exceeding track limits if your car is red though…


Twas always thus


Indeed :+1:


Yup Vettel should have had a place taken back from him, but never mind…

Well done Hammy :slight_smile:


This is the latest leak of 2021 engine regs…


My first reaction to that is “ugh!”…


I rather forgot to look at Hartley’s performnance this weekend - how did he do before it went bang?

Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice Ian’s cars doing rather better than usual - some promising form from them, well done Ian and co.


Crock. Of. Shit. This is “push to pass/block” with a different name. I’d much rather we did not have the return of this feature, though one could hope that it means the end of DRS…which I also dislike.

Removing MGUH is a bit of a shame insofar as that seems to be genuinely cutting-edge tech that is removed from the cars…but I presume it makes it a lot cheaper and realistic for new teams (and Honda :roll_eyes:)

Let’s see what Cosworth, Porsche etc make of it

However, ever since Frank and has ilk started crunching numbers, F1 has swung between being an aero formula or an engine formula: one of the two is always in the ascendency (newey years vs. merc- engine years, most recently) This smells like the pendulum swinging back toward aero … the risk being that you just shift the spending war over to the aero team

UNLESS, unless they can nail the budget-cap, proposals for which will apparenrly come along soon enough :popcorn:

Anyway, it’s 7 years since I read this article quoting a certain someone, and it still makes a huge amount of sense to me. Fine, dumb down the engines, cap the spending … but sort out the goddamn stop-on-a-sixpence- brakes and sticky-tyres, FFS


Ugh…no V12’s, boring…


Unfortunately, as amusing as rocket power shopping trolley racing would be manufacturers aren’t going to be queueing up to have their names on cars that crash a lot.


How do you explain US style IMSA GTs or NASCAR ?


By saying “Murica” in a sarcastic way.