2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


Yet, it’s not just Mercan manufacturers climbing all over themselves to compete. Yes the market is huge but so is a very prestigious Worldwide F1 market.

Race on Sunday - Sell on Monday.



Pays your money and takes your choice.


Says the Team Principle of the team with the most to lose from a change in engine regs.



Just seems to be sure they have more money in the pot than Aston Martin.


Shame they are proposing dumping the MGU-H, the best bit of the F1 powertrain just to get more noise :frowning:


Ask the public what they want and you get shit.


Don’t AM road cars use AMG engines now? Notwithstanding, AM are going to be someone’s bitch, can’t see them financing an F1 team standalone.

Weren’t you one of the public moaning your tits off a few years ago?


A good form of moob reduction exercise round here…


Liberty / Zak Brown ran a fan survey a few months back, with a response of around 200.000 fans. Out of a global audience of how many?


I always moan. F1 or not :roll_eyes:

But, while I fill out the F1 surveys every year, I never get what I want because my choices are not a quick fix.


Hi Craig,

Brendon did a bit better this weekend until the powerplant blew up.

Sauber has improved because of a few reasons that I cannot go into, but suffice to say that the biggest reason by far has nothing to do with me!

All the things that I am leading should really start to work next year and be full on in the following year. But recovering after 4 years of little to no spend on development, with one of those years having a big rule change, has made this year very difficult. It will get easier…


Just watched a programme on Jim Clark. Brilliant an absolute legend. Won more Grand Prix’s than Juan Fangio in less time.


It’s been a couple of years since the last time they threatened to leave (unlike Red Bull which is an annual event :roll_eyes:) but Ferrari don’t like the 2021 engine regs either. Surprise, surprise…


You can’t imagine my shock !! I’m rather looking forward to their sanctmony-on-stilts reaction when the post-21 revenue share is proposed. They’ll have a fookin cow.

Anyway. S’about time someone called their blufff. This got boring many many years ago.


I can just about recall both his and Donald Campbell’s demise (the previous year). Significant enough in the late 60’s to come to the attention of a 6 or 7 year old interested in cars & such.


AMuS has a 'leak’of the budget cap.


Meanwhile, Massa has retired again from the end of this season.

Dunno why he just doesn’t stop next week at Brazil and give Kubica a run out at Abu Dhabi


If it doesn’t include everybody’s salary the budget limit is meaningless. The richest teams still get the best drivers and, if they want to, the drivers could then have more than just a trainer on their payroll - the Team Principle and Chief designer, for example, Plus all the technical assistants - previously known as race engineers - as they like then it is back to square one.


I[quote=“f1eng, post:780, topic:267”]
If it doesn’t include everybody’s salary the budget limit is meaningless. The richest teams still get the best drivers [/quote]

AMuS’s link suggest the cap will be: a budget of €X minus ( €drivers + €Paddy Lowe’s + €Marketing spend ) … though it let’s see what Liberty actually propose

Meanwhile, could you, Ian or anyone else give us an idea of the split between a teams spend on, say: R&D / Operations & logistics / Production / HR (so salaries across the entire team)

Let’s say that there’s a roughly 25% split between them, so … even if it were ALL salaries, surely there’d be plenty of fat left on the body to cut off. Put another way, even if half of the entire team’s salaries were except, ther should still be 85% of the team budget left.)

Or what am I missing ?