2017 iMac 27" 1TB HDD/8Gb RAM

My daughter’s selling her iMac as she uses her Macbook and iPhone almost exclusively now. Unfortunately I can’t find the packaging for this, but will keep looking. Also the ‘Magic Mouse’ magically no longer holds a charge so a replacement mouse would need to be used - you can use any wired/wireless mouse.

It’s in excellent nick, but because of the packaging situation we will need to do a taxi or meet up depending on where you are.

Everything has been wiped and updated to a fresh install of Ventura, ready to configure.

Finding this quite hard to price - been on eBay and frankly prices are all over the place. Going to try for £450 with £50 going to the forum £420


Mark - my daughter has literally just got back from a college open day two hours ago. She wants to do graphic design.
We were talking about getting her a used Mac.
This may be ideal. I know nothing about these, can I just check that’s it’s suitable and get back to you later please?

Yep - my daughter was running the Adobe Creative Cloud apps on it.

So to set expectations: 5K screen is a belter - perfect for this kind of stuff.
It’s a 2017 machine and the weak link is that it has a HDD rather than SSD. That’s what constrains performance in terms of today’s kit. CPU/Mem are still decent enough in respect of the way Apple run their apps.

I think it’s also possible to boot from an external SSD off the Thunderbolt port and you’d probably see a performance bump from that.

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Hi Mark, is this thing quick & powerful enough to use fusion 360 (CAD thingy that puts a big load on the graphics card)?

360 system requirements seems to suggest that a 1GB dedicated GPU is the minimum, so a 4GB card should be fine.

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Is this still available please?

Thanks Phil, good to see you today. Let me know how it goes with the Mac