2018 Formula 1


Damn the cars are ugly…


What’s ugly got to do with anything?

I see the usual suspects moaning about it all the time - but it beats me why - these are machine shaped by performance engineering requirements and regulations.

How they perform matters, how they look - less so.




Well, it’s…errr…bright…


I think we know who the mains sponsor’s going to be…


Quite dissapointed with the Mactango

Never mind the lack of sponsors (though surely that fuck ugly blue is there for a very lucrative reason, cos it ain’t for the aesthetics) there’s not even a MacLaren logo on it, is there?

50 shades of meh, I’m afraid.

Edit: Scarbs has nailed it


Lack of updates has led to a shortage of meh.


72 laps form Hartley before lunch. In a Honda powered car. With no WOOF sounds from the back. CHRIST ! Chappeau to Honda for not soiling themselves on the 1st day of testing (thus far, at least) . For once.

Meanwhile, Freds wheel falls after 4 laps (and how does it fall off after 4 whole laps and not 4 corners? seems bizarre to me)


It’s okay:

“Fernando Alonso losing a wheel was “no big deal”, insists executive director Zak Brown”.

That’s fine then :+1:



Official testing footage:



Some people have faaaaar too much time on their hands…


Bit of a shame, this - it’s a very pretty livery

Not as big a shame as Williams being a sack of shit for so many years, obvioulsy, but a shame all the same


Meanwhile in Barcelona, after snow stopped testing yesterday, Force India appeared today with a modified front wing…



While I haven’t seen him actually utter the words attributed to him in this article, one assumes he had a straight face when said them.

My face was less straight when Massa (yet not Stroll) suddenly found a second and a half of pace in his farewell (v2) race in Brazil


I guess it’s semantics, but there is a difference between “restricting parameters available” and allowing a team to access “restricted modes” which may give extra performance but would be deleterious to reliability.

Customer teams won’t have the same integration with all the ancillaries that the manufacturer team will have, so therefore, there is greater risk of problems if all modes are available.

Allowing a customer team to risk an engine for headlines is hardly new.



One and a half seconds from changing an engine mode is extremely unlikely. It was not in Merc’s interest to have Williams running down on the power level that they could run all season (other than making the Merc chassis look even better).

I don’t know off the top of my head what the sensitivity is at the Brazil GP, but that is around 100 horse power increase on a 900+ horsepower PPU.

Terry is absolutely correct that Merc can run the PPU closer to the limit as the PPU and chassis are better integrated.



Doesn’t look like McLaren’s reliability has improved much this season?

I wonder if their smarter guys are now working for the road car division??