2018 Formula 1


I’ll set Amy on you…


I know I came third last year and kept you in forth. :slight_smile:


I refuse to bite.
Hopefully your team choice this year will as shit as your taste in cars. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very likely.


Nice hat :smile:


He looks very happy about it.


Here we go again, best lap ever blah blah blah. Christ!

I reckon this looks quite tasty for tomorrow. Race pace was much closer than I expected on Friday, and Merc can’t run in silly engine modes all race long.

Hopefully we’ll get some hero-to-zero goodness for the season opener




Really getting bored with the overstatement or “what I think the public wants to hear” bollocks !

I find myself doing a little sex wee in anticipation.



ad nauseam :roll_eyes:



Bollocks bollocks bollocks…

(Same goes to Haas btw…)


Crikey, timing is everything isn’t it?


Typical Melbourne. A great race in potential but the inability to pass turns it into a procession. A spin of the coin and a couple of position changes.

Freddie seems a bit pleased :smile:


Good to see the Hammy-haters going from 0 to Maximum Overwhine so early in the season.

Still at least a red car got in front of a grey car by luck and judgement, if not by skill. Should please fans of red things.

Hopefully someone euthenases Haas’ pitcrew.

In front of the rest of the team.


Pour encourager les autres…




I find myself really looking forward to this weekend’s race in Bahrain.

It’ll be spolit, no doubt, by Marchione being an enourmous twat, but hopefully Ross Brawn comes up with something interesting for the technical future of the sport.


Shame about losing the H, but this all sounds a perfectly sensible approach to the sport and a huge move away from the Bernie years of divide and rule and bung.

And this is the best bit :slight_smile:


Well aside from Haas the other week, the wheels have really fallen off at McLaren…
Their assertion last season that they had one of the best chassis on the grid, is now shown to be clearly rubbish, and to top it all they’re out qualified by Honda powered cars!