2019 Formula One


in his mid-50s and bitching about everything

we need to invite him on here, he will fit right in :+1:


Irvine has never been short of a myopic and ill informed opinion.


I think that goes for most ex drivers. It is difficult to be objective when a massive ego gets in the way.


Sauber is gone, long live Alfa Romeo… @IanW


Makes them the top team in the paddock, alphabetically at least!


Last year was an over achieving year (we were so bad in 2017 that it required a massive improvement to do what we did in 2018) and it looks like it persuaded Alfa to get more involved.

Good for F1 and good for the old Sauber team.


Are they retaining the “current” management structure ?


As far as I know.

If there are going to be changes (and why should there be if the team can deliver another step up the grid in 2019) then I expect that this will happen over the medium term.


Happy to see some more stablity at Sauber after the post-Peter years, and good to have Alfa back as a marquee … but I’ll miss the Sauber name on the grid :-/

Hopefully we’ll see a pretty car with an even prettier livery

ATB, Ian!


HAAS livery launch render…


It’s a good looking car


Reminds me of JPS Lotus livery (Senna driving in this pic)


Or the more recent Kimi/Grosjean lotus



Williams livery painted by a 12 y.o…

The new boss, same as the old boss…




The Haas livery still looks light years better than the Red Bull one. That’s seriously dull.


Happy that Williams have a sponsor on there, but that’s really not a pretty colour scheme

Let’s hope it goes well


The Toro Rosso scheme was OK last year but to run with the same design again seems like a marketing opportunity lost.


I agree, it’s just meh…


Bland has become a style.