2019 Formula One


Ted Kravitz has been told to do one by Sky, apparently

I really enjoyed his post race pit wander, so that’s a loss. Karun Chandhok to replace him “they” say


Hope Channel 4 get him then to replace Mr Chandhok.


He should go back to playing guitar :unamused:


I find this interesting…


Groan. Paddy Lowe gone from Williams. A bit of talk of them having a few illegal solutions on this years car, to add to the woe.

One has the impression - not least from Abatoir posters :slight_smile:- that he was never the right guy to lead the technical team, but I don’t see what they do now, especially if the car has legality issues.

What a mess :frowning:

Meanwhile, I bloody well hope this is not true

edit: dunno why the link is showing as google celbrating Olga wotsits birthday - the link is to an article suggesting our chums at Liberty have proposed offering a point for the fastest lap in a race

2018 Formula 1

Oh bloody hell… :man_facepalming:


The inevitable has happened.

I think that for Williams to survive it will need to do more than that though.


Isn’t that almost always going to be the winner? They are a greedy lot these drivers, a perfect weekend is pole position, fastest lap and the win. If there is a point on offer a team aren’t going to let a leader with a 20 second gap coast home they will turn up the wick at the right moment on track and get the point as well


No, i don’t think it’d work like that

Results vs fastest lap here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Formula_One_World_Championship#Grands_Prix

I reckon it will be much more about who has a sufficient gap to pit / reboot / banzai

The risk / reward at the sharp end of the grid probably isn’t worth it (unless there’s a gap) and so: what’s the fucking point ? It just trivialises the championship for no obvious benefit to the fan


This. It’s very Mercan. This is only to be expected from Liberty. They know nothing but instant gratification.
They should be sorting out their own and the team’s finances along with securing race venues rather than headline grabbing bollocks.
At least Bernie was more than 2 dimensional.


I thought he was exactly that, length, width (almost the same) and no height.


An oldie but a rather relevant goodie


Anyone watched the Netflix series ? I started last night and had got as far as the second episode on this supposed rivalry between Alonso and Sainz.

The "race commentary " is clearly overdubbed, and seems overdubbed to go hand in glove with the ‘fake’ agenda they’re trying to create. Bizarre !!!

Gunther Steiner is good value though. You can’t beat a good old fashioned potty mouth


Yeah I watched a couple the other night, they all need to wash their mouths out with soap and water!

I know what you mean, they try to make an angle on every episode…


20 additional points to be won over the season for fastest laps :+1:


Discussed a few posts ago :roll_eyes:


it was only a proposal then - now it’s been confirmed :grin:


If only they had some sort of gas jet boost…


Some of us are ahead of the game :+1:


It was total dogmuck then, and it’s dogmuck now. Awful idea