2019 Formula One


This is sad news…


Oh no! RIP Charlie :disappointed_relieved:


Fuck. He and Sid Watkins seemed to be the voices of reason and anti-hype in a sport that ran on PR and hype. He will be sadly missed indeed.


Oh man, that’s a shit start to the day.

Seemed such a lovely bloke, and the sports biggest fan. Not offten that someone is genuinely irreplaceable, but he probably is



I woke early and the BBC news app had the news about Charlie as its second item. It is a big shock, I have known him since he came to work at Hesketh at Divina Galica’s request, I suppose I was his first boss in F1.
He was a genuinely great man. RIP


He kept Formula 1 working for all those years.

A great man indeed.

Very rare that someone is able to do such a good job, in such a political and visual position, for so long, and people are always have positive things to say about him.


Every time I have heard him mentioned on the telly it is to either get advice or arbritate on a argument. Never heard a bad word after the adrenaline died down.


All the years I’ve been watching F1, I think I have only heard one negative comment about him. TBF, it was Vettel having one of his girlie tantrums but still…


Did anyone use the full-fat live timing during FP? @f1eng ? Anyone else

Would like to know it works as it should before handing over my mldly-hard-earned to this Liberty numpties

Meanwhile: I couldn’t make head nor tale of who was quick in those sessions. I’ll wait for the nerds to crunch the lap times before chosing my fantasy team


The timing isn’t exactly the same but seems OK though I need to see it during the race to know if it is useful or useless.
Even when I was working there I had no idea what was going on with anybody but my own team.
Journalists vary in the extent to which they come up with bollocks, but the radio 5 live coverage which comes with the timing was more than usually pityful in their inability to understand, despite Jolyon Palmer being there - begs the question, did he ever know the best way to manage a race winning Friday afternoon session?


Lando & Perez :+1:
Sainz & Strollol :poop:

Interesting quali!

A wee bit sore up top, so clean forgot about live timing


Off to music centre with Sam now so I’ll catch qualifying highlights in a bit. Trying to avoid media outlets until then!


Pick up a guitar while you’re doing nowt :smiley:


for dummies like me


Interesting reading, but will overtaking be easier?


The bigger DRS will maker over taking easier.

Technically the rule change regarding the front wing should have little effect as the teams still need to get the front wing outwash away from the car so that it does not weaken the air flow that gets to the diffuser and the rear wing.

The consequence of this is to make the air behind dirtier, which makes it more difficult to overtake.

So far most drivers have said that it is the same difficulty to overtake as before (ignoring DRS effects), but a few have said that it is easier.

So it looks likely that it will depend on the front wing solution that has been chosen for the car in front.



Impressive performance from Nico Bottas & RB Honda / Max (not so much you, Pierre) As for Ferrari :poop:

Everyone else did their best to make silly mistakes. Haas, Jesus wept :clown_face: screwed my fantasy team too you potty-mouthed fuckers. If it was only the wheel why not box and switch? And Alfa … why let Kimi sit behind slow Gio for 5 or so laps after his stop, only to feed Gio to the wolves later on? Seemed odd from my comfy armchair :woozy_face:

There seemed some really wonky variations in getting the medium / hards lit up too.

It’s always an outlier but it didn’t seem to wake me up this year.


Kimi went past Antonio at the first opportunity. I had various race views open and he did not lose any time there, other than picking where to do that so both drivers lost the least time.

Antonio’s car was damaged on lap 1. That was what screwed his race.


Oh, OK. I had the distinct impression from live timing that it was 7 or so laps til he got past.

I’d always trust your knowledge though, so :+1:

Apart from that issue, I thought Live Timing worked well this race, and I found it a wee bit easier to follow than before (sector times in purple/green/white with 5 secs of gap-to-best…seemed new and most welcome