2021 Formula One - The Bollox Continues

That could be very interesting :+1:

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While I feel a little sorry for Albon, he has underperformed, and this is in all other ways a good development :+1:


It’s unfortunate for him that he has no route back to Alpha Tauri, which would have been their MO in other years. Clearly very talented, and rated highly by his peers (both Lando & Russel have both expressed puzzlement at his predicament at RB) I ope he can get another crack of the whip, as there seems to be a quick driver in there somewhere

No question though that RB has made an excellent appointment in Checo , especially chuffed that after him being buttfucked by Big Daddy Stroll he’ll be nerfing Jnr into the kitty litter next season.

Meanwhile, this seems like a very positive step at Williams - never quite understood how it never got going at McLaren (anyone know?)

(edit - soz, hadn’t seen this posted on t’other thread)

Meanwhile, Eddie Jordan was right all along, about Ineos. You have to wonder what all that Toto-bollocks about him finding a new CEO was about!

He was great in karts and lower formulae, too, but F1 makes or breaks, and RB more than most - I can’t help suspecting (chiefly because I loathe the man) that Christian Horner’s “mentoring” has a lot to do with the number of drivers they “break”…

As for Toto - I’m guessing that was all part of leveraging the deal they wanted. Fuck Eddie Jordan, a-propos of nothing.

Great for Perez, he certainly desrves a decent seat in F1.
Makes RB quite formidable on race day with two hard racing drivers.

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Wow :heart_eyes:

Fantastic, thanks for that :+1:

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Well, that’s worth another drink :+1::+1::+1:


Great news, cheers Craig.

Nice one :slightly_smiling_face:

Great news. I’ll drink a large one to that :+1:

Nice to have some good news - the old lad’s a fighter for sure :+1:

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Sir Lewis!


Thoroughly deserved and about bloody time. :slight_smile:


And so it begins…



Also: fuck.