2021 Formula One - The Bollox Continues

Provisional Calendar for next year…

Sadly, Vietnam left off. Let’s hope that it will return in 2022.

Too many IMO


Apparently the main sponsor in the Vietnamese government has been arrested on corruption charges and the administration are saying they ave other priorities.



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Looks like someone’s not optimistic about Hamilton’s COVID outcome :joy:

[And yes, I know his contract’s not settled :roll_eyes:]

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Only 96 days to go :+1:

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Wow Zandvoort back. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it was supposed to return in 2020 but was was put back until 2021 due to Covid. The old Tarzan corner looks fantastic in it’s new form.

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Gem of a track.
Stunning location.

Expect cross winds :+1:

So, 2021 gives us new names;

Renault = Alpine
RacingPointForceIndiaSpykerMidlandJordan = Aston Martin

No wonder Ben Edwards wanted to step away :roll_eyes:

I, too, am old and dislike change :+1:


My thighs are wider than Zandvoort, it’ll be zzzzzz

Meanwhile, young Fred went PDQ in today’s test :eyes:



Zandvoort’s a classic, and a shorty too - you are Rong: it’ll be a hoot.

I do look forward to seeing Ferrari suck as hard there as they have everywhere else in 2020 :+1: :ok_hand: :+1: :ok_hand: :+1:


Predictable, but “bugger” - Kyvat loses the Alpha Tauri gig. I thought he was rather underrated - very often genuinely quick in race trim, and up against a driver this season who has shown some wonderful form this season.

(Worth pointing out that I know F-all about Tsunado, so I have no whether he’s the new Sato or Tako Inoue )

Thee and me must be at opposite ends of some kind of chart, cos he seemed like a reboot of Pastor Maldonado to me. He even managed to prang his first F1 car at an introductory press event, drove around with a feckin torpedo on his helmet after trashing Vettel so many times, and got sacked-off in favour of Verstappen - which has to have been one of Red Bull’s better moves. In any case, I guess the truth is Lukoil’s taken their money elsewhere…

Tsunoda seems to be Honda’s baby, which is probably his leverage, and sounds adequate, but doesn’t have the sort of successes under his belt that Kvyat did at the point of his debut. Sounds more cerebral vs Kvyat’s viscerality. We’ll see - just so long as he’s not another Kobaycrashi…

Well, that virtually guarantees Hamilton to continue with Mercedes…