2023 Formula One

I knew it was deliberate before his car came to a standstill.
It was obvious as soon as Alonso pitted what they would do.
Much as I despise Briatore he wouldn’t have thought about it, his understanding of the racing itself is weak.
My guess is the whole thing would have been worked out by Alonso and Pat Symmonds and Flavio’s contribution would have been threatening little Nelson so he complied.


Faaark ! Broken wrist !

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I can’t believe it! :man_facepalming:
The marshals need a wake up call for that one!

That’s the last thing he needs😥

Doesn’t look like much but who knows? The sum of the parts is often greater than the individual parts alone.

Well that fucking sucks :frowning:

Can anyone tell me who the guy in the white top is, can’t think for the life of me!

Well, that was fun :grin:


Looks like Mick Doohan.

Edit: His son Jack drives in F2, he’s behind the young lad with his back to us.


The weather Gods tried their best but not even they could stop him.
Ten in a row looks to be a formality…


Big shout out (as I understand the young people would say) to Liam Lawson in his first F1 race - started last on the grid, finished 13th. Made up the same number of places as Lewis Hamilton!

(My daughter used to go out with his cousin. :smiley: )


Yeah that was impressive, talk about baptism of fire!

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Just getting the car back unscathed from quali and the race would have been an achievement - now I’m wondering whose seat he’ll be getting in '24… :laughing:


Lewis has signed a new contract with Mercedes to 2025. :+1:

Dull, I wanted him to go to Ferrari and single-handedly bring them back to their winning ways……

About the only problem Ferrari don’t have is their driver lineup - most of the rest of the team could do with binning off though!

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And turn water into wine as well? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ferrari Team: “We are looking”.

Leclerc: “Shouldn’t the correct tyres be here waiting for me already?”

Because the driver is the only thing that matters in an F1 team :grinning:

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Be very interesting to see how Liam Lawson performs this weekend. Another finish ahead of Yuki and surely he has to be a shoo-in for a seat somewhere.

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I am always slightly bemused by the Ferrari image of being a top team.
They always had a top budget and often the best engine and gearbox but IMO the only period they genuinely had a good car (rather than effective propaganda) was the Brawn/Byrne/Schumacher era.

2 things gave me the self confidence to have a go myself.
The first was the Brabham appearing with surface cooling panels on the chassis and that was so technically stupid and such a monumental no-hoper I though if the legendary Gordon Murray knows so little about aero maybe I can do it!
The second was the Ferrari chassis and bodywork. Anybody producing welding or sheet metalwork like the Ferrari F1 car would have been chucked out of our apprentice training school. The castings and machine parts looked good but dear oh dear the rest was crap.
When Harvey Postlethwaite went to Ferrari he said the only thing they bothered about was the engine and if he raised the budget for a wind tunnel they would install another dyno.
Harvey’s then John Barnard’s input was a huge improvement in chassis construction but still with the biggest budget and best drivers not as succesful as they should have been.
When Michael went to Ferrari the “common knowledge” was that Barnard’s car was superb let down by a so-so engine, but like a lot of “common knowledge” in F1 it turned out to be the opposite, the engine was fantastic and chassis so-so, that was when Michael pushed for Ross and Rory, there then was the successful period most of today’s fans remember but it pretty well faded out after Ross left and they have reverted to their historical medioctity.
So for me, Ferrari is performing pretty well as I would expect.

I actually thought Binotto was getting on top of it, they had a quick car but needed better people on strategy - which I am sure he knew anmd was addressing - but they shot themselves in the foot a year too soon.

IMHO of course.