2023 Formula One

Silly Season is steaming ahead…


Well we know Piastri’s going to McLaren, all bar the official announcement, and the probability is Schumacher will go to Alpine. Given Honda’s involvement at A-T, I’d have thought Tsunoda will be confirmed for one more season. I’d LOVE someone to have the courage to give Jamie Chadwick a drive, but the sport is too ossified to take risks like that, sadly. I’ll confess I’ve not kept abreast of feeder series, so hard to speculate who else might get snaffled-up - I’m guessing Craig will have some ideas…

Venues are disappointing - all the dodgy ‘sportswashing’ suspects stay - including China likely back, while it looks like France is gone, and Spa likely to go as well. Miami is likely to stick and Las Vegas may (will?) join, and there’s even talk of Kyalami returning…



…but aging man, he say “no”.

I’d guess she’s likely at the very-least simulator tested with at least one F1 outfit well before now, and perhaps not been deemed competitive?

Or just can’t attract the right funding… Which would be infuriating.


You would think that a smaller lighter driver would be an advantage to teams where every kilo is a tenth (Or however the calc works)

And the marketing potential of a female driver.

I sense there’s the whiff of Susie Stoddart about Chadwick. A few tenths off in the simulator is enough to sideline somebody who could develop.

Another dominant year could see her there by default, he hopes wistfully.

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The frustration with this is not really about her absolute numbers, nor the money she might bring, it’s the people at the top just not seeing the bigger picture at-all.

They don’t see the harm they do to the sport forever chasing dirty money, and they don’t see golden opportunities like this one to really make the sport relevant - even at a time when big progress is being made with women in sports…

For the F1 dinosaurs, it’s eternally 11.59pm on the last day of the Cretaceous . . .


Just noticed I omitted the link from #4… Derp.

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